Book Review: 5 Soul-Searching Short Stories: Shailesh Khatri

Five Soul-Searching Short Stories, by Shailesh Khatri consists of five stories with five essential messages on existence in five circumstances with the protagonists making choices that alters their verve under five state of affairs that demonstrate you that existence is certainly not fair and yet one needs to make the significant choice.

Amar, a talented stock analyst, gets the position of his dreams, yet, conditions lead to his collapse while Uma is looking for the rationale of his life who wishes to relinquish the opulence of existence to hit upon the reality. Ravi loses his work one fine day and makes friends with those who advise him that the well-off ought to give up for the underprivileged while Vikas is taken aback and exasperated when his parents choose to take him to their native rural community instead of Switzerland. Pratap, a gold medallist in law, gets the position of his dreams in an eminent law firm where he faces a demanding case.

Sensual, curious and bitter on one side and on the other hand, with the narrative clarity, precision, attention to expression comes out the narrative power of an author who puts a lot into his stories almost always indirectly, maintaining a fear and a longing uneasily mixing, the voltage at the beauty glimpsed through the senses, heart and mind and fondness for twists of destiny, for love or grotesque and sometimes joyful textures of life.

The author has a deep passion for the reality of things, landscapes, tastes, feelings, puzzles and it doubted his other passion, the narrative of the invention with his writing very well, intense and focused. You will come across today in some archaic delay and forgets the pleasures of vanity but then here is a direct outlet to the atmosphere in a wonderful phrase synthesis without verbs.

All of us are taking a trip and we all stumble, sooner or later, in the existential problems of who we are, what we do and where we go with every person in search of inner peace, who needs to fulfil a spiritual and physical experience and meditate while there are no shortcuts so as to reach the goal.

A book, consisting of five short stories and a post characterized by a strong propensity and meta narratives they are stories that move like a novel with the style of the book is elegant and refined and well suited spiritualistic orientation of the book and is about then the restlessness of adolescence, the meaning of life, the search for self and the true inner fulfilment.

Through the protagonists we will find all the fragments of the book that deals with love, loneliness and the desire, and the chase, from time to time facing the abyss with cerebral philosophy and a natural propensity to search within where from the trials of life, which are made up of love, work, friendship to adolescence that eventually give way to responsibility, where the characters, wriggle between thoughts and parallel worlds to escape it forever, or nearly so and then, loneliness, craters devoid of light within us, to help us understand who we are, as long as we kill our fears.

The writing is fast, with realistic dialogues, well-coordinated in sketching the characters, with the pain, what is hidden in the folds of time, flowing inexorably to mark the progress of new age, perhaps opening up views of literature in an unexpected debut.

And our peace is Nirvana, finalizing in unconditional love for a world that no one will ever know it is in the essence, for things that are both static and infinitely changeable for a fact that it is never one-sided but always has two opposite directions and converging in a self that is both physical and spiritual.

In these beautiful stories there is the soul speaking through metaphorical messages that capture the attention of our feelings which are more profound, leading to the inner lands where the forms give way to the essence and the meanings with a great little book that should find a place in every library of every sincere seeker on the pilgrim trail.

A beautiful book about soul searching, deep thoughts, pure and simple everyday sense of being, where we can book, some more and some less, and see ourselves a bit with all the five stories that speak of soul searching about moves towards life asking questions that demand answers, with stories that leave deep emotions.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 116 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: October 2012 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9381836682