Book Review: The Story of Jesus Christ: Jyothirllata Girija

The Story of Jesus Christ, retold in rhymes explained to the children, is a book with charming couplets that presents the life of Jesus in a simple manner and close to the little ones. Jyothirllata Girija, with this epic book tells step by step the path of Jesus, from the cave of Bethlehem to the Cross on Golgotha, the mystery of his coming into the world to its painful end.

It is a historical novel that tells of the life of Jesus Christ and his contemporaries, drawing liberally from both Old and the New Testament, speaking with spirit and contextualizing the whole story with the reconstruction of the everyday life of Palestine in the first century AD. This book is a sad story and the diary of a man betrayed in his dreams, disappointed in his expectations, and that in every thing that builds sees the symptoms of collapse and is as if the stories taken from the reality did not contain all the same story.

In the small village of Nazareth , a visit from an angel announces the coming of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. The call by the Roman authorities, for a census, leads the couple to leave the village to go to Bethlehem, the place of origin of Joseph, to register as prescribed right there, in a cave used as a stable, just outside the city, when the couple sees the light of Jesus.

Jesus was born in a Jewish carpenters family living in the village, of Nazareth. It was Mary, the damsel, who gave birth to the child. This child, named Jesus Christ, even before entering into his teens, was so mature that his knowledge about God and religion were superb being far above average and definitely more than that the Jewish priests possessed.

In short, he grew into an extraordinary youth, as he discovered the truly religious path and principles that humans should follow. This is the story of a man who was not only a man, but as such he lived, loved and suffered like no one else has ever suffered. It's the story that marked the whole of humanity, gave hope, but so much has divided joined the great story of Jesus.

The couplets in the book have handed the stages of his life, and have spread and explained his message with the reality of every day that the man of Nazareth lived, in his land and in his time, is relegated to the oblivion of centuries, entrusted to the imagination of each of us with the best-known episodes, scenes never known represented, meetings blurred by time, and seemingly secondary characters.

Already this choice should make us reflect on the relationship that we should be in a healthy Christian doctrine and practice, between what we believe and the way in which we live. The book is the one that characterized the life of Jesus and it is also one that should characterize the life of us.

We all know the story, but here the life of Jesus is seen in a more earthly witness to his birth in Bethlehem; Joseph and finally know what are his thoughts, his doubts until the unthinkable his death on the cross mistaken for a revolution against the Romans. And then the figure of Mary, sweet mother and aware of the mystery that surrounds the child.

From this beginning the challenge of Jesus to his parents and his abandonment of the family, the encounter with the Devil, with Mary Magdalene and then the Apostles, Lazarus, John the Baptist and the epilogue on the cross with the turning point of the story is the discovery by Jesus that his father, to escape quickly before the massacre of the innocents, die without warning of the danger of which he was aware.

Jesus is absolutely the son of his time and of his country, deeply believing in the God of the Jews and initially incredulous and amazed when she discovers his true nature, his ability to perform miracles proved almost by accident. Initially confident about his mission will see him become gradually strongly critical towards God, to not accept the fate of the sacrificial victim certainly full of original points to ponder.

The writing is pleasant, with the punctuation of dialogue reduced to a minimum. Reading does not leave you unmoved, each page offers topics on which to discuss, think, maybe even try to bother how history is interpreted, but it is undoubtedly a book to be treasured.

The prose of Jyothirllata is sublime, her writing is sometimes prolix, For readers motivated and vaccinated it makes you think a lot, and enlightens the minds of large visions simply beautiful and profound where one can not ignore the attempt to give the reader a vision simply more linear of the characters, events, time and place in which the story took place.

In truth it does not lack the spiritual element, but some characters acquire a thickness of character, a psychological connotation and behaviour closely linked to the culture of the place and time, and the cultural and social status of the protagonists.

In short, a really great original and compelling book and regardless of your religious beliefs it is an unforgettable masterpiece full of inventiveness that will drag you spellbound.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 109 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: August 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535183