Book Review: Speak to me Reader: James G Skinner

The book Speak to me Reader, by the writer James G Skinner is a highly engaging and humorous collection of 18 contemporary morality anecdotes which the author and his characters live with tales present in this work are stories that touch on different topics but they have a common basis of memories, those of the author's personal pedestal around the follies and allure of modern technology and idealistic investigation as well as stories that are based on reality.

Reading the book is tantamount to telling and decoding all that is inherent in the sensitivity of each, narratives take the shape of anecdotes or individual adventures where human drama plays a fundamental role laying bare the innermost aspects and deep state of affairs in which man becomes more and more subjugated and predisposed by his own machines and out of the ordinary creations, albeit with a few pretty innovative and out of the blue twists.

Reading the various events it seems you come across in a novel, there seems to be a single star, it is expected that sooner or later, that character returns, thanks to the fluidity of the thoughts that flow, in the authors mind, always at the same period of time. Only at the end you can understand that this feeling is given by the involvements that recall the words.

But there is also a time for reflection and solitude that is forced to endure a man who still lives at the mercy of the job, the job that takes him away from home. The book throws a very precise message, which is to be tied to the past, to the moments that have marked, but always keeping his eyes cast beyond, to be able to grasp the aspects that elevate the human soul.

The book shows if you did not need to bend to the events, and become part of the system, you may lose your individuality. Skinner through his pen wants to show the man in all its inner aspects, the living man, who knows how to enjoy the moments, living their passions, who does not give up their ideas.

A book that can be read in one breath but that does not escape in his short journey indeed leaves the trail to the astute reader, who wants to take advantage of the various breadcrumbs made to fall across the street by Skinner. Skinner touches gently his past sharing with the reader, in a few pages of the book about his work, the sacrifice, the distance that sometimes puts between people, and seems to be able to give us a complete picture of his life.

A book written with emotion, looking beyond the tangible, to pursue every kind of feeling that emerges from everyday life, Skinner describes life, revealing the background of the story of that magical and cosy, creeps into becoming child memories, brings stories of man and their early experiences.

A book written by the author himself and then shared the book captures the transport, the desire to communicate, to send messages to young people and to soften those who have experienced numerous experiences. It is a book written with feelings.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 124 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: August 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182535237