Book Review: Seven Conversations: Nistha Tripathi

Seven Conversations, by Nistha Tripathi is an interesting book and as the title suggests, is a fairytale that will surely give some thought to your life, your goals, your dreams and your daily habits to help you reach your dreams. The story is told from the point of view of Meera Sachdev as she returns, as a changed woman who experiences again existence, adore and her individual personality who really, becomes a completely different person while walking the path of her intentions.

The book takes the form of a fable about Meera, opting for a separation at an untimely age of thirty over cosy and opportune life. As such, leaving her flourishing job and acquaintances behind in United States, she travels to India in search of a more meaningful existence where she is at present abridged as an unsuccessful lady who could not save her marriage.

As she begins to ask the real meaning of life, her call for help is answered by none other than Krsna the Lord who is all striking, who gives mystical and yet practical advice with her odyssey will take her through shrines of Vrindavan, a derelict terrain and Himalayas as she find out her subterranean devout origins.

The core of the book is the illuminating virtues and the learning that Meera reveals one by one. Even though the book presents them as actual virtues learned from Krsna, it is important to remember as you read that these are made by the author and in fact, it has been pulled from other sources and put up together to master your mind, live with discipline, respect your time, serve others selflessly and embrace the present.

Meera enlightens us that time slips away like the sands of the hourglass here and now is the time to change, to establish once and for all what are our priorities and focus on them, spending more time with the people who give meaning to your life, thanking fate for those special moments that offers us, strength to scale the mountain, dancing in the rain, or starting a new business. We should learn to love the music, rekindle the spark of our youth and never sacrifice happiness for career.

The book teaches us that every event has a purpose and each reverse contains a lesson where separation, personal, professional or even spiritual, may be critical to expand our inner selves that make us grow, and leads to an incredible series of joys of the mind. In life there are no mistakes, only lessons. There is something you can call a bad experience, but opportunities are there to grow, learn, and proceed along the road of self-mastery. It is through struggle that we become strong, and the pain can be a wonderful teacher.

There is an objective reality or if you prefer a real world. There are no absolutes. Your worst enemy can be someone’s best friend. A tragic fact that someone appears to others could open up endless opportunities. What really differentiates people generally positive and optimistic than being sad is how to interpret and process the circumstances of life.

The virtues are discussed in detail in separate chapters, through the life of Meera each with a number of concepts and habits to develop. Most of them are very challenging and potentially very useful, including those involving positive thinking, visualization of goals and more, so as to never regret your past, but accept it and become a master.

The book teaches us to be vital, cheerful and curious and not to ever forget the importance of living by giving free rein to joy and never failing to capture the perfect beauty of all living things to a mission of selfless service to others. This day, indeed, this very moment, is a gift. This is one of the most important laws of nature.

Again, these concepts are not new and have been discussed in numerous other books, but the book has a great collection of useful concepts that you might want to try. The truth is that each of the seven questions asked to Krsna includes a set of daily habits, and integrating of all in Meera’s life that teaches her to find the positivity in every circumstance and not judging events, such as good or bad, but experiencing them, celebrating them and learn from them.

The thought of opposition to take every negative thought that comes to mind and turn it into a positive one is first, to be aware of our thoughts. Secondly, we have to appreciate the same ease with which it enters into negative thoughts, which can be replaced with positive ones so you think the opposite of the negative ones.

Our thoughts are vital, they are living balls of energy. Lot of people never think about the nature of their thoughts, but it is the quality of thought that determines the quality of life. The thoughts are part of your material world, just like the lake or swimming where you walk on the road. Weak minds perform actions weak. A strong and disciplined mind, which anyone is able to build through daily practice, can do miracles. If you want to live your life fully, caress your thoughts as if they are your most valuable assets, and you'll see that soon you will have great satisfaction.

Instead of being dark, the book concentrates on energy and happiness and brings many simple and practical examples, very often drawn from life, making thoughts and philosophies of positive behaviour and is a notional research on existence and way of life, where the characters may be conjured save for their queries are not and in seven fundamental tête-à-têtes with Krsna, associates, father, teacher and herself.

This book is not devout and necessitates no indulgence of any belief and all you require is inquisitiveness and an open mentality where it all depends on whether you believe that you are in the cosmos or that the world is in you overcoming adversity and express the best of you where to be happy we must live in the present and the past is only flowing water, and the future is a remote sun on the horizon of our imagination. The decisive moment is now and we have to learn to live in the present and to the end.

The next is a short dialogue anecdote reported by Nistha Tripathi in her book, which illustrates very well that, while it is important to have goals, on the other hand, it is even more important to live in the here and now and enjoy the personal growth and expansion process. Ironically, the less you dwell on the ultimate goal, you'll get there soon.

For anyone interested in integrating the routines and habits that can transform lives, the book helps us to be calm, achieve the dreams and make us happier. Yes, it is a jumble of many ideas, but you can choose from, and the ideas contained within are potentially very powerful. Furthermore, it is a fun and easy reading where within us there is the sun, the moon, the sky, and all the wonders of the Universe. The intelligence that created these wonders is the same as that has created us. The things that surround us come from the same source. We are all one.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 220 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ ISBN13: 9789384226404 ♥ Language: English