Book Review: Sale of Souls: Vidyadhara

Sale of Souls, by Vidyadhara is an extraordinary tale of resistance for land and love that tells the story of easy to fleece villagers skirmishing to keep hold of their familial rural community for continued existence and source of revenue wedged in between the dominant lobbies of the wealthy and the influential and revolves around the insightful subject of divergence of the poverty and progress against the environment.

The down-to-earth starry-eyed work of fiction is based in a far-flung parish on the seashores of Canara, acknowledged for its gorgeous surroundings and bio-diversity where in the post globalization period there has been a swell in the land acquirement for the new developmental ventures.

Samar as the central character try for a non-violent resolution to all the concerns in the rural community with his approach of sustainable progress and finds himself in love with Roshni, a youthful young woman from the community, who has just enrolled as an advocate, joins the underprivileged villagers to wrestle the authoritative lobby of capitalists and politicians.

The hours pass in a gruelling pace, shrouded in a mask, for the villagers for whom it is hard to let their mind abandons those aseptic scenarios built on an alternation of dark and cold lights, scary noises and eerie silence with several twists to the solution of the mystery, which is revealed only in the last few pages.

A very effective mockumentary, in which the use of an element felt really exists, the story never feel boring, especially this reading, which keeps your fingers glued to the pages continuously injecting anxiety and tension for the duration of the book, from beginning to end without stopping, the result of a brilliant mind.

The time marked on the pages isolates the player from any contact with the outside world, as it happens to the protagonists, who are romantic and mild, strong and brave, with a little romance of good hope that gradually warms the heart while maintaining a realistic and dry prose.

It is perhaps the most beautiful, claustrophobic book, full of twists and turns, disturbing, with a pace that leaves no respite to the reader where you feel sympathetic to the characters and certainly gives the novel a certain originality, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that keeps alive the reader's attention.

The inlaid dialogues, range with ease from a form of colloquial expression to a more learned, but never too complicated that manages to remain firmly tied to the purpose of the novel with the constant practicable hypnosis, thanks to a constant appeal to the ambiguity. The slowness with which each piece gets back in its place will be overwhelmed by the final twist and abrupt analysis of the facts under an entirely different light characteristic that gives great strength to the structure of the novel.

The plot is really exciting and original, with a disarming fluency with no time to rest assured because the twists and turns follow each page after page, so that you cannot help but know what will happen going forward in reading. It takes you from the first page and drags you more and more thoroughly, until the end.

The language is sometimes weighed down by internal dialogues mixed freely with objective descriptions with this book exudes grace in all its pages, in all the words chosen by the author that starts and ends quickly, like a flying butterfly, and leaves its delicate powder in the heart of the reader. One warning for those who read keep in mind the first few pages, because in the end everything will be joining as if by magic.

If you look into the eyes of the characters you will see the transparent infinite, there lies the true secret of happiness finding emotions, feelings, joy, wonder in the little things that populate the world, in the colours of a blue sky and clouds in the shapes of the draw, of ants on the pavement, in the scent of the rain, in the glow of raindrops against the sun through the leaves.

They really know how to appreciate the world and if only we listened to them we would understand that beyond all the stupid things that man has created wonders exist in nature that really matter and that many do not know how to see. And this book is clinging to those to move forward in a world where injustice, gossips and selfishness have the better.

Maybe it's a beautiful message of hope for those who are overwhelmed by the flow of time that rushed off all contact with the real reality. Stop for a moment, immerse yourself in nature, listen, give himself to her and wanting to finally well a magical book, poetic, special, because it envelops the reader in a spiral of emotions, colours and sensations timeless, with the author uses simple sentences and a particular way to explain the nature, feelings, people that only readers can understand, or those who know them.

Beautiful and delicate, light and at the same time full of food for thought, poetic and yet immersed in the social and political reality of India of the characters, scenes and sensations in which the story casts the characters remain in the heart long after you have closed the book.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 291 ♥ Published: July 2013 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ ISBN13: 9789382473664 ♥ Language: English