Book Review: He Said, She Said: Angad, Priyanka

He Said She Said, by Angad Singh Saluja and Priyanka Bhardwaj is an introspective collection of poems, which leads the reader into another dimension, sometimes ethereal, sometimes more concrete where each word is dedicated to finding an absolute value that resides within us and that helps believers to rise towards to reach eternity.

Poetry is not something suitable for everyone, because although it is a universal language, it needs a fertile ground to be heard and internalized. And the poem is to be found because it elevates people, giving them the opportunity to discover themselves.

Reading the poems it is possible to enter into a reality that blends imagination and truth, touching on various themes and describing feelings with lines of inquiry, giving voice to the complex reflections and observations, where the authors describe a world like a maze in a single book.

The book seems to create a direct line that connects man to the quality of the beauty that surrounds us, values that are within us, showing where it is important to seek and achieve authenticity to be closer to the same cognitive process to understand what is important for the man to find the freedom and the right way to move.

The authors wants the readers of the poems to be able to find the path to follow to reach the soul with the words flow with ease and musicality always going straight to the heart of meaning, in order to better express their thoughts and share it with the readers of the book.

The book contains the emotions and thoughts that were wanted to be shared by the writers to the readers who are sensitive to this literary genre and shows with poems written with simplicity, making the text even more intense with heavenly ecstasy.

The voice of the poets speak of moments that push evasion, where the soul soars with messages that seems to leave most of its trace lies in the concept that the soul often feels confined in its container the body, but not only that content with what he has, he needs to get out of the shell, to take the path that seems the most correct and needs to escape to really live, to rise above a society, weakened and fragile to find the most suitable place for its existence.

It is a book that can be interpreted from several points of view, and this possibility depends on its use and that the reader makes of reason and feelings to approach the poems, but in some ways this book is also an evolution, in fact, not only to perceive and experience the feelings, but also the moods and thoughts are changed, becoming less complex expression.

The authors manages to blend very well with the modern classic, carefully choosing words to describe the world where the poets looks into existence not as individuals, but starting from the group to tell the social and there is the desire to go further, to cross, to get in touch, not to settle, but to overcome, to deal with the problems of our time that can and should be addressed, and this is what the reader can grasp in the book.

With the simplicity of words, from which spring exciting images, the authors chronicles the life and love, but not limited to, that leads us in their journey that is inward, both with fantastic locations where we are faced with all what we see with our eyes, listen with our heart and it vibrates inside.

The beauty of these poems, is that the reader will read different meanings based on its sensitivity or experience and what surrounds the poets becomes a place that everyone can see, and, through their poetry, what is shared test in an intimate manner with a flow of simple words that tells their inner life to readers, who will be able to live at their side as they embark on the path, accepting the memories of the poets.

The poetries make us look through the viewfinder of the poets cameras and go deep in their souls with words that seems to stop time, to make a snapshot that leaves a mark even deeper, because the size sought not vanish, with the poets gives us the opportunity to address a part of the journey with them.

The poems are universal, where everyone can see in these verses the meanings that are closest to their own experience and sensitivity, and where despite the pain, the result of heartbreak, misunderstandings and absorbed by the existence of suffering, the poets tries to overcome their inner torments and rediscover the passion and the desire to meet a new life.

Publisher: Shambhabi ♥ Format: Paperback ♥ Language: English ♥ EAN: 9781499700329 ♥ Published: 2014