Book Review: The Carbon Conundrum: Adit Ambani

The Carbon Conundrum by Adit Ambani can be classified as a classic thriller as there are so many that make you nauseous with the protagonists get sucked into an out of this world search for for the world’s largest vivid yellow diamond where along the way they come across the primeval furtive of its numinous times of yore and find out its links to a veiled fortune and beyond belief affluence that had once potted the upshot of a powerful empire.

This is the first book in the series, with the main character Alvin Alroy, and Jett who decided not to follow him, a series that definitely will go on from the narrow streets of London to the uncharted stifling rainforests of Africa, to the murky knolls of South America, folklore come to verve from within the smouldering spirit of the rhombus as Alvin and Jett face antagonistic state of affairs and explore distant corners of the globe while contending against a few of the most potent men from the pages of the past.

A solid and well structured plot, a smooth writing and descriptive at the right point that alternates moments of narrative when the narrative is from the point of view of Alvin, and moments in the third person but when the scene shifts from the point of view of other characters.

The exploration continues with a linear narrative and rather quietly, where there is some chapter that seems to happen nothing, others with greater pathos, but on average, we say that the passion story, the characters found them to be well-structured, it is also the peculiar settings, where there are many communities, a feature that does raises the interest since it is a topic that deepens further.

Throughout the exploration the voltage increases to the stars, promising a feverish reading until the end of the book, because it really is impossible to stop without having known how it ends. I guarantee, the sidebars printed on the cover that promise a hair-raising finale to tell the truth, the ending is really something superb, the maximum voltage, compelling as it happens a few times.

The original texture and the arctic as well as overcast atmosphere is very evocative of a thriller and will be for this reason enjoyed by lovers of that genre of novels, but also with a strong suspense that makes it even more interesting.

A story that combines the mystery, in which there is no shortage of gore, crude descriptions, with a varied cast of characters and a narrative that extends from a point of view to another, yet always remaining in the third person.

A novel challenging, given the almost 200 pages, given the many characters and the narrative view is not static, but in my opinion to be counted among the most interesting on the theme. The real twists there are, however, in the subsequent part of the novel, where the story of the past ends and begins the narrative to the present.

Finally, an innovative thriller, effective and unexpected, to be the author's first novel is clearly above average, maybe a little too much with the final drive, but able to remain imprinted. With insight and precision every psychological aspect of the characters are described in a manner so true that it is impossible not to find a little of themselves in some of the descriptions, the direction one way in which it uses the novel is really too good to call it a masterpiece.

This book has had the final chapters so breathtaking that I cannot do anything but give the highest marks. 5 stars for the ending, and it deserves all!

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 214 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: April 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383562831