Book Review: Cafe Latte: Amit Shankar

Cafe Latte by Amit Shankar is a collection of 18 short stories based on the shades of life with the content of the various stories is soft, that leaves the reader indifferent and apathetic, and is recommended for most impressionable minds with the style is clear and elegant.

A book of short stories to be read quickly and with less effort than a novel, which you can read in the car, metro or during breaks in work, this collection contains the following stories of Temple of the King, one of my favourites in the book, 26 Down Express, Code of Honor, The Jazz Player, Let Me Help You Die, The Black Widow, The Lion, The Leopard And The Hyena, A Rose for Her, A Highway called Life, The Chosen One, Home Sweet Home, The Other Side, The Dream Chaser, The Guardian Angel, Every Mouse Ain't A Mickey Mouse, Smart TV, True Lies, and Writer’s Block.

The stories are all of love and hate, loss and gain, and victory and defeat, all very exciting, ranging from 15-16 pages to 4 pages, and it was a perfect choice and in fact, those pages can grow in a perfect way to rouse the attention and interest of the reader into a climax and then growing that always ends with a surprising end.

This volume collection by Amit brings all of his supreme intelligence, his lucidity, his acute perception of reality which come to life and extraordinary powerful figures, which are the most beautiful fruit of the imagination of a writer. Amit’s obsession with the shadowy forces, his exploration of the depths of the morbid folly, and dread lead us through the pages of a travel with fantastic stories that are over the threshold of reason, including figment of the imagination and surreal situations with the fantasy of this mind in constant motion.

The stories are all written well and there is no shortage of initial detour on topics sometimes profound that mesmerise with the writing, sophisticated at the same time and easy to understand, that still manages to attract the reader with all the stories relate to the theme of expectations and concepts about life.

The book shows what Amit is really capable of and he writes with skill and manages to make you feel the feelings and emotions of his characters in a fairly deep, or rather makes you feel his feelings and emotions. Yes, because when you read it, it seems that it is Amit himself who lived through the various events narrated first-in personality and this gives a special something to read.

He also narrated the situations well and each story is different from the other and in each of them the author addresses more psychological aspects, investigating between the personal obsessions and not failing to mesmerise from which readers are fascinated, also throwing in his pleasant experiences.

It is perhaps the essence of the writing genius of Amit, wisdom and twists which is nothing short of wonderful with the book succeeded too well to explain certain feelings and moods, thanks to the division in the stories, which is pleasant, although some stories impress more and others a little less, but you will never feel bored or too busy to read this little book of no more than 190 pages.

The various stories have a particular theme and some of them manage to be almost raw at times and is able, ultimately, to get you into the story and to excite more than enough thanks to the great style of this author with a journey into the depths of the innermost mind, full of charm that is characteristic of insalubrious characters.

And one can not but appreciate the skilful construction of manias and obsessions that quest man or the author seems to have lived with confidence and pride, as if to make his own life the tremendous masquerade that we find in every story. And what about the visionary talent, fear and sometimes the feeling of anxiety mixed with fear where we feel when we look into the eyes of individuals that seems to have so much in common with the ones described by Amit.

Once you read the stories, that in one way or another, it is in us the images that this author gives us lie in our hearts and will haunt as a reminder of our life we live and if you are looking for compelling stories to read, and without too much effort maybe for when you have little time available.

In conclusion, it is an enjoyable read, never boring and exciting where from the red windows you will see fantastic shapes in motion at the sound of dissonant melodies, and, like a fast river through the pale door a crowd rushes and laughs, but does not smile.

Format: Paperback ♥ Published: August 2014 ♥ Publisher: Vitasta Pub