Book Review: 60 Minutes: Upendra Namburi

From the pen of Upendra Namburi comes out 60 Minutes, a thriller that will surprise and delight the most discerning player. The novel the second work of fiction after 31 keeps the same dynamism in the rhythm of incessant descriptions and frenetic action and in a fervent curious and creative imagination, especially relevant in the articulated proposal setting.

As the successful chief marketing officer of one of the prime FMCG companies Agastya is all set for the most significant merchandise launch of his career when stuff roll out of control as Agastya takes things too far and nearly crushes Sailesh and Maithili’s spirit, and 60 minutes is all he has to save his job and his marriage.

Good-looking and bright, Maithili has never had much luck in love and 60 minutes is all she needs to twist his existence upside down along with Sailesh who he is forced to strike back when someone crosses the line with impressive jobs, reputations, affairs and marriages are at stake with a once-in-a-lifetime suspenseful story where all the exploits open out in 60 Minutes.

Starting from a mysterious double life of Agastya, seducer whose limbs are often the cause of sentimental complications, and from the pursuit of perhaps something much more valuable, unfolds a story muddled by overpowering unexpected and disturbing situations in which good continually mingles with evil, the end with the means, the friend with the enemy, and from which the message that emerges is that nothing happens by chance.

From enchanting, present insights and anecdotes into the conversation of the protagonists, the plot branches out at many places which themselves become the pleasant maze, against a story full of suspense and countermoves to stimulate the most diverse emotions.

As the story progresses we begin to feel Agastya so to speak, because when you know it is not easy not to feel empathy towards him. Maybe someone can be cheeky, a bit arrogant, but there is no doubt that he is a fascinating smart man one whom it is difficult to make him under his nose.

The beauty of the reader for the first time is that it requires not too many pages to frame the character of Agastya, a quality not to be underestimated for the author to tell his protagonist right from the start without being redundant and without using the mechanism of the summary as do others.

It so happens that Agastya is at the wrong place at the wrong time and it is his prerogative to be in the midst of trouble despite his nomad soul and the lack of links with anyone, but to what it also seems his habits are not immune from getting involved. In fact, this is the place where Agastya assists in a strange movement in front of the room that will lead him to be a witness in an involuntary redemption that he has gone through.

Agastya does not think like the others, his brain seems divided into watertight compartments who is able to develop strategies and alternative hypotheses are not considered. The fact is that Agastya is always ready to find an alternative route and to assess each situation perspectives and angles differently. A situation may be too random to be true but as in any book do not miss the female figure, in this case Maithili, who was also linked in some way to each other.

Agastya is a character so vivid that hardly you would be able to forget him. He explains his motives, his movements, his anxieties and fears, laying bare his soul before the weapon in the holster under his armpit. And readers, through the smooth writing of Namburi, will be able to empathize with him, being able to perceive even the crack of the voice due to fatigue or pain. But the antagonist is not far behind.

Furthermore, the prose is so smooth from overshadowing and another small, very small, marginal particular is the total number of pages, a three-digit figure tough to write, but that Namburi turns in a masterly manner with pure entertainment and that makes the fiction a real success.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 372 ♥ Published: May 2014 ♥ Publisher: Westland ♥ ISBN13: 9789384030247 ♥ Language: English