Book Review: Romantic Resonance: Ketaki Sane

Romantic Resonance by Ketaki Sane is an admirable tale as regards relationships, love, friendship and career echoing with all the effects you care for in existence covenant with the verve of young woman who has tender experiences of her relationship yet waiting for a chance to have the answers from her dearly loved in a narrative that has conflict of relations at two different cohorts.

Set in Mumbai the volume switches on with a well-contemplated argument of love or career, with the account orbit in the region of three key characters, the reticent and receptive youthful lass, Arya, her much-loved Neel and her co-worker Dhruv.

Naive Arya, who believes that ideal love, exists only in amorous books and movies is broken-hearted when Neel, the one who made her trust in love go away from her just like that without offering her a convincing basis and moans without a sound each night as she longs for a response while the break up of her parents only aggravate her ordeal.

Her search for love takes her to a fresh echelon of self-consciousness as she make up her mind to follow her heart and give love a second chance in spite of the aloofness and the state of affairs that split them and that’s when the established Dhruv comes into her being who for some mysterious motivation, is at all times caring about Arya and leaves no stone unturned to make her smile.

Arya as well is jovial and gets a new lease of life whenever Dhruv is around while they eschew societal standards and puts across their soft spot for each other without any shilly-shallying and things go along well till Neel makes up his mind to come back while behind him is a horrible reality which transforms their lives everlastingly.

Each episode made the yarn more and more exciting with the lettering fashion of crafting resemblances to the circumstances in the connive form an impact on the person who reads, with the trail change out of the blue and the final few stages are a roller coaster traverse of passion, drama and anticipation while the stratagem finishes on an optimistic and promising note.

A just what the doctor ordered love legend bursting with anecdotes which puts on view conviction among the two temperaments and how much they think about each other in the midst of a unexpected twist and trepidation that made the paperback an out of the ordinary interpret with a noteworthy aspect of this reserve is that it is crammed with bits of wisdom in relation to love.

A stunning endeavour, the writer has a brand new gifted inscription style with the fairy-tale is wickered with ease with effortless elegant words is and the fascinating intrigue with a surge in unfolding that will keep you obsessed till the conclusion as well as astonish you with the twist with the volume pedestal on sentiments of affection that will formulate you interpret the paperback with a smile on your countenance with the state of affairs fashioned by the writer are extremely analogous to bona fide existence circumstances that can be by far interrelated to.

The chronicle interlace an astringent saccharine saga of adore and misfortune that grasps you till the last part, with the well crafted skilfully inter-related characters who were ingeniously put up and are well entwined which helps the conspire move forward like a dream with a swift recitation that guides to a striking culmination.

On the whole the reserve does reverberate between the sensations of spot on love and unreal love which stays with the person who reads long after they are over and done with reading the paperback.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 153 ♥ Published: November 2013 ♥ Publisher: Leadstartcorp ♥ ISBN: 9789383562 ♥ Language: English