Book Review: Rainbow: Aman Jassal

Rainbow, The Shades of love by Aman Jassal is a tale with reference to love lost and found pedestal on existent life experiences and tittle-tattles is a modernday narrative of a young man and his experimentation with love with the volume parley on the subject of the most significant facets of early life, love, sex, one night stands, with the account exposes the existence of todays youth, their camaraderie, sentiments, precedence, and ineptness to handle relations.

The yarn wobbles in the region of Yuvi and Simran, with his PG life and workplace in the background, where Yuvi is a self-indulgent sex-possessed young man who loves to drink, shindig every night with buddies and boast hot and sticky one night stands with time pass girlfriends but then, he falls victim to the same infamous life aspect called love as he fells in love with a fine-looking young woman Simran, whose exquisiteness brushes off him off from his feet and he leaves no stone unturned to hunt for her individual notice.

However their love story is to the top in the midst of bitter as well as brackish essences of verve as they get wedged by Simran’s brother on the very first date and for his second date Yuvi had to let pass his entrance examination for his dream Masters Degree and subsequent to that he had to fritter a night-time behind bars for a scuffle with Simran’s brothers.

Furthermore when all this got over and they subjugated this as of his fundamental character, Yuvi couldn’t impede himself from swindling with other young women as he splurges a night with his boss’s companion and has a sexy union with his mate’s girlfriend. As he fell in love, siesta about with all the bobbed lasses and when his providence threatens to take his love down, he pledge himself to bring to a halt all that and come out of the shards.

When his faithlessness sniffles his being away from each other what tags along is an uncomfortable itinerary of getting his love back on board save for then, his precedent activities comes back to his present and that sniffs his existence apart.

The manner the volume is on paper is somewhat attention-grabbing with the writer recount the ephemeral one night stands with his individual annotations in the meantime bringing forth the piece of evidence as to how the immature age group intrigue in the sensation of adore as a mere instant corporeal and passionate connection subsequent to which they just get going with some other cohorts, as easily as they change garments.

The book in addition lays concrete on the way to be familiar with how they mess up their individual careers and golden existence, in such pursuit for associations, with a finicky endeavour by a youthful writer founding on the existence of a youthful young man and his passage and this is not a paperback to edify you in relation to love or how to get a good-looking young woman to the couch, rather it divulges how awful things can get if you don’t put your priorities correctly.

An exceptionally appealing interpret, the kind that attaches with you well further than the last page with ornately fashioned characters that flawlessly bestride that contour among good and bad with the author embark upon further than just the make-up of an affair in this effort, other than also the inspiration of being good, and on top of that, his writing is spectacular.

Truly finely on paper, fast paced and absorbing, the candour, with which every scene has been written in this reserve is what makes the volume a piquant fun filled frenzied fairy-tale and surely splash out on for those who worship warm romance chronicles.

Publisher: Notion Press ♥ Published: 2013 ♥ ISBN-13: 9789383416486 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 199