Book Review: Love Lasts Forever: Vikrant Khanna

Love Lasts Forever, only if you don't marry your love by Vikrant Khanna is a stunning love fairy-tale that crafts you chuckle at times, snivel, as well as arouse with a merchant navy captain recounting another captain's love legend amidst the oceans, the pirates and surprising yet capricious moves that show the way to a sensation called love.

Eighteen year old Ronit cascades intensely in adore with Aisha the instant he meets her at his graduation day from a maritime institution and considers he has come across his ideal companion, and come what may, his affection for her will last everlastingly and seven years afterwards, the youthful pairs love blooms, and develop into matrimony.

A week later, however, he from top to bottom start his extreme dislike for her and considers she has turned into an mischievous sprite other than his sensitivity in relation to love and life transform when he hears the poignant love story of Shekhar, his Captain, on a vessel that soon gets taken over by the buccaneers of Somalia and they makes out and experience again true love ahead in life beneath the most chalk and cheese state of affairs under the hostage of pirates.

The conclusion was so capricious that until you interpret the final episode you wouldn't make out what is going to come to pass to all the temperaments with the finest element in relation to the volume was the writer stay you guessing till the very end.

The tale that the author entwine is adroitly leaning in favour of the women with the manner each sensible disposition in the paperback endeavour to put in the picture in the central character that women want an assortment of compassion and appreciation for the reason that they have to endure a tremendous bodily, psychological, emotional and mental change by way of marriage.

A bolt from the blue wrap up in the midst of striking illustration of love and loss, the character expansion and the conclusion is even better with the characters were existent that grow on you as the chronicle steps forward with an incredible heart-wrenching romance of care and being in the midst of so many twists and turns that keeps you spellbound till the very ending.

The intrigue is so finely contemplated that you just don't recognize what will come about in the subsequent sheet that was dawdling to set in motion but paced ad infinitum, in an astonishing work of fiction with an unambiguous meaning for one and all whether you are single, wedded or dyed-in-the-wool that bestows one and the same value to all facets of a youngster’s existence, occupation, acquaintances, romance, and relations.

Utterly unputdownable the surge of expressions is so innate by the writer has an entertaining touch in more or less all the sheets but the premise of the narrative has not been swerved and you don't feel you are reading a book with the characters just grow on you as the reserve progresses and by the closing stages of it you sense like you are on familiar terms with them.

An awe-inspiring swift interpret the book will gives you a temperate, nebulous sentiment for those who have entered in a relation and has that archetypal approach towards holding a reader’s approach edifying some information, as well as secreting some in a great yarn in the midst of gorgeous relevant moral fibres with the pirates part is extremely creepy that will craft you sense susceptible for sailors who are jeopardising their lives for their families.

A story that provides the young people to imagine on the subject of the so called fable of love, its much more further than that and is with reference to, care sacrifice, understanding, affection and each little gesture for your cohort in a fairly out of the ordinary stratagem, with the wittiness flick at each page.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ♥ Published: June 2014 ♥ ISBN-13: 9789382665175 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 256 ♥ Type: Fiction