Book Review: Dead in a Mumbai Minute: Madhumita Bhattacharyya

Dead In A Mumbai Minute by Madhumita Bhattacharyya, is her second book in the detective Reema Ray series after, The Masala Murder and is a paperback which will transport you in concert in the midst of a dazzling protagonist working as a private detective, a Bollywood megastar along with a murder with chunks of inscrutability, and a fine squirt of fiction.

The chronicle orbit in the region of Reema Ray, a youthful lady who has troubles with the bank and just about the whole thing is chalk and cheese getting established in a fresh conurbation, a new living, a latest walk-in closet as well as a fresh furnace and most importantly, a new, extremely awe-inspiring murder investigation.

Reema is an atypical amalgamation of good looks and intelligence who is intellectual, pretty, and a self-determined private detective in her new position at India’s finest security solutions concern, Titanium, owned by her mystifying striking person in charge Shayak Gupta, who had some time ago bewildered the strange security expert.

Reema is a bright sleuth other than even before she can conclude her opening mission Shayak, gets hold of her to work in Mumbai on an assassination of Ashutosh Dhingre an ex-associate, of Bollywood big name Kimaaya Kapoor, whose eminence is on the decline with the murder happening on a private atoll belonging to Kimaaya with the suspects happen to be the home visitors and Kimaaya herself.

Shortly, Reema becomes conscious that it’s not a unique unpleasant incident that take place on the islet, save for a piece of a bigger conspiracy that has Shayak entangled in it from top to bottom as Reema also gains knowledge of that Kimaaya was in a liaison with Shayak in the past.

Shayak keeps vanishing very frequently and Reema finds this extremely bizarre, as well as can’t help but suppose it is a conflict of concern but in spite of one and all swearing for her brilliancy, she saunters into an ambush put down by the desperado.

In spite of the state-of-the-art conveniences at Titanium, Reema before long gets back to her personal thingamajigs which every now and then entail steaming up something for a spot of gastronomic rumination to get to the bottom of a transgression that point to an insightful and intimidating scheme of things where Reema have got to contest against time to save Shayak.

This express velocity crime novel is unputdownable which is exhilarating, chock-a-block with twists and turns with its gripping foundation keeps you guessing till the conclusion as the conspire is articulately engraved that induces you to root for Reema when she is in blistering quest of the murderer.

The volume slots in the essentials of a crime murder mystery and have an exquisite way with expressions putting up fairly a head of expectancy before putting it to flight adroitly, in this page-turner of a mystery work of fiction.

The characters with ease compliment the finely contemplated sequence of events, totting up to the thespian task of the connive and the light-hearted wittiness craft it a mouth-wateringly sharp interpret with the characters are as well largely realistic with the author has done a great job of shading character outlines of individuals.

The manner of inscription was entrancing with the words, silver-tongued as well as effortless to interpret with the dramatic descriptions along with delicate wittiness with, unusual expressions pooled in the most exceptional comportment that make for only one of its kind illustrations and fine wisdom meaning a lot further than the words you actually read.

On the whole a finely on paper, fascinating, silky, smart-alecky, effortless as well as a pleasing reserve, the mystery element of the fairy-tale has been well handled and has been done so well that this paperback was a delight to read and this one is intended to be taken pleasure in an ideal sun drenched, indolent hour as this one is a foolproof formula for a rollicking read.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India ♥ Imprint: Pan ♥ Published: April 2014 ♥ ISBN-13: 9789382616177 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 320 ♥ Type: Fiction