Book Review: Business Doctors: Sameer Kamat

Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild by Sameer Kamat is an imaginary tale seizing the boardroom to the cell, where a business consultant gets dragged into a consulting mission with an underground group, which was concerned in all the dealings that are not lawful.

Stephen Woody is a don of the criminal world in California, whose business WFB has a number of businesses under its name, primarily casinos at Vegas, adult movie industry, drug smuggling, abduction, and so on, but owing to the slump and too many rivals around the block, was drying up at a very fast rate and more than his engaged henchmen’s ability is under question.

Taking note to his plaque other half, Angie's suggestion, he engages a business consultant, to hold up his business and comes in Michael Schneider, an unmatched Ivy League chap, who runs his individual firm of business consultants, Schneider Associates, along with his cohort, Martin with one of the consulting firm belonging to Michael, lose its existing patrons in a faster rate in contrast to getting fresh clientele thus impacting on his business and sustenance of the team.

Michael and Martin had no idea on WFB, when they were engaged, but being experts and since their business as well was going down the line, they make a decision to take up this job and takes on the test to re-instigate the gangland group into the vastly changed globe of crime, least identifying what waits for them at the finish of this treacherous mine and thus begins the rollercoaster traverse for Michael and Martin as they go on board Project Lean and Mean.

They analyze and chalk out a sketch for Mr. Woody on how to run his business and also Schneider appoints fresh staff, fugitive crooks, to raise six million dollars in five days other than in the conclusion, Schneider's verve take a colossal spin, who hits upon himself as the latest bloke permanently working for WFB.

The story progresses fast from one view to the next in the midst of touchy dialogues that is engaging with the management jargon is made use of freely and is cut down for the comprehension of the thugs with a fine intrigue in animated words, scenes of charred exploits, characters you can picturise and most essentially clever superimposition of management premises on the customs of the criminal world.

The foundation on which the volume is fashioned is an old scheme of unorganised trade married to one of management and flow-charts, staffing and training, value-stream diagrams and out-of-the-box ideas with this smooth and out of the ordinary synthesis, this paperback is surely extremely hilarious and entertaining and you'd without doubt, go down in adore with the temperament of Schneider and experience the chaos countenanced even in the criminal world.

The reserve is incredibly silky and written fairly without blemish, with the wittiness surge effortlessly at the spot on places and a communicative inscription style is what works in this volume and craft it worth a read with the book is extremely side-splitting at times, with hilarious discourses, amusing remarks, exciting split seconds, which craft the paperback pretty easy as well as exhilarating to interpret.

An interesting work of fiction the tale is set free on form and has shockers rocking in murky lanes and well-planned jail breaks, a lot in the vein of the thrilling episodes, with impulse taking over raison d'ĂȘtre like putting up a yarn to a point of soaring curiosity and then just out of the blue leaving it hanging, making the surprised readers feel bound to turn the sheets which afterwards gets joined up wryly and interestingly, both worlds are dyed in the equal hue of grey, rubbing out the known lines of correct and incorrect, lawful and unlawful.

On the whole, the entire conception of the reserve is quite only one of its kind with the writer has done a fine work of crafting it with the mix together of consulting with criminal world is somewhat innovative and no doubt is an engaging experience.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 250 ♥ Published: April 2014 ♥ Publisher: Booksoarus ♥ ISBN 13: 9789351569640 ♥ Language: English