Book Review: The Bluest Marble: Vipin Kumar

The Bluest Marble by Vipin Kumar is a philosophical journeying of youthful urban aspirations and agonies in the milieu of financial mayhem with an incredible as well as intuitive expedition of a young chap, the excitement in his verve, the folks he meet up, and his ascent as a flourishing graduate, a thriving worker, a booming and, then go down in all of those and finish up in the hospice and ultimately go up once more becoming conscious the spot on quintessence of existence.

The narrative is in relation to the being of Aditya Saxena, a stylish and yet loving chap and a romantic with the volume sets in motion with, the central character putting in the picture his tale of going up and down and then discovering concord for himself, away from family and friends with his ride to self discovery, doing the stuff he loves to.

Aditya has a fine job, but struggles with the business world and has associates and a girlfriend and yet senses forlorn at periods while choosing to finish his life once he is termed a loser by all those whom he cares for but he falls short and finishes up in the psychiatric area of an infirmary acting as if he has no remembrances of his earlier period.

Aditya is now called Ram Kumar 125, a name allocated to him in the vein of all other amnesic patients in a mental sanatorium, save for Aditya doesn't have loss of memory in truth but just doesn't desire to breathe in the world as he discern before getting into the sickbay where he gets together with new folks, the patients of the hospital, together with a former CEO, a software engineer and a Doctor in theoretical physics.

Aditya appears to be finding out himself unwittingly, at the same time as breathing amidst the other patients where he discovers the inexplicable and beautiful bluest marble that he has was reluctantly looking for all his years and becomes conscious that being contented is more essential than making or keeping individuals in high spirits.

There is nothing daring about the male lead of the account other than it's the yarn of a one we see in our daily living, an usual self who is weak, anxious, adoring, and in short an individual with no surprising virtues worth lettering on other than yet, a personality whose legend is merits putting in the picture for the reason that his fairy-tale in some way is the chronicle of each ordinary one of us.

The words in the paperback is as striking as the anecdote itself with surge of the episodes are first-rate and the subsequent half is truly unlike and out of the ordinary and near the conclusion the reserve truly gets alluring which you cannot take your ogle away from even for a part of a moment.

An invigorating read the inscription fashion is intrepid, with the discourses craft the whole thing so fluid that you sense akin to you are not just interpreting a volume other than be an observer of an experience with the characters are so existent, you will perceive them all around you with the unfolding of the episodes and understanding the factual connotation of verve is extremely well given a picture of by the writer.

The city living exposed is as spot on as it is for every other individual existing in urban conurbations which is not just about existence other than a checklist to swathe wealth, endorsement, dwelling, nuptials and making parents swollen with pride with the writer of this work of fiction ought to be admired for writing such a attentive and poignant tale.

On the whole, the author endeavoured to put across the point that in today’s world, where folks scamper for worldly stuff to a certain extent than walking off after things which really provide them bliss and contentment by recounting life altering experiences that Aditya countenance to survive an idyllic existence in today’s urban culture with a fairy-tale which will set you back in your memory lanes which you still admire somewhere in your spirit.

Publisher: ♥ Published: June 2014 ♥ ISBN-13: 9789383952052 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 264 ♥ Type: Fiction