Book Review: Anti-Social Network: Piyush Jha

the antisocial network by piyush jha

Anti-Social Network by Piyush Jha, the third exhilarating episode in the Mumbaistan crime thriller series after Mumbaistan and compass box killer is cavernous in the midst of suspense and encrusted with grit, that brings to you Inspector Virkars hard-hitting case thus far with this hottest crime novel expose how social networking which in our existence has turn out to be part and parcel of our everyday schedules leads it's way and obliterate lives of many with a technologically challenged bloke wages war in opposition to new age misdemeanours.

Set in the lanes of Mumbai, the tale sets in motion with Inspector Virkar, from the crime division getting a tip for Usman, a teacher turned police informant turned extortionist who is out of custody and straight away subsequent to getting information about him, Virkar puts down a trap to seize hold of him but he one way or another escapes detainment owing to miscommunication among the police officers.

At the similar instant when college students across Mumbai are killed one after another in ghastly manners, with missing body parts found, Virkar is called in, while these fatalities have connection with one another and as the computer challenged Virkar probes, he trips up upon athwart a number of appalling evidences, information, and a cold-blooded bunch of young, tech-savvy mischief makers who use social networking sites and the Internet for blackmail and sextortion.

As the case grows murkier, Virkar hits upon himself to a great extent out of his vigour, running after an assassin who at all times appears to be one stride in front and a group that soon trains its sights on him where he have to chase against time to blow the whistle on the bunch of hooligans and to find the assassin before his standing is damaged without end.

While looking into the case, he spots Usman and goes after him to take him into custody and while going behind Usman, it takes Virkar to a college in South Mumbai where he had to in fact go for an investigation with Usman is at last detained but this brings Virkar in touch with psychotherapist Naina Rai and one of her patients Richard, a junkie and a hacker.

Both of them take part in a key role in the narrative till the finish and subsequent to a lot of drudgery at long last cracks the case by raging the entire rebellious group with the final episode transports the real instigator into limelight that if truth be told leaves a person who reads taken aback and knocked for six.

An account to be taken pleasure in and relished the work of fiction is a swift lick suspenseful story with the minutiae and the temperaments fit in on form with the stratagem which is fairly an enthralling intrigue built on sex, social media and technology in the conurbation.

The yarn attests to be jagged and hard-hitting with the ends and the angles of the conspire has been whetted to precision with no wobbly end all through the whole unfolding with the intense speed and the effortlessness with which the complete contrive spread out is praiseworthy.

The paperback is animated with the chronicle has an attention-grabbing start and conclusion while the recitation of the fairy-tale is just what the doctor ordered which doesn’t plummet free anywhere with the excitement, expectation, exploits and adventure carries on with it's imaginary hero Virkar as well puts in that effect of command and intimidation.

On the whole the murder mystery with an up-to-the-minute touch works and covers its netting subterranean into the psyche of the person who reads with an assortment of excitement as well as expectancy along the entire unfolding with the actions fits into place and by no means extricate once the pages are turned over.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 200 ♥ Published: June 2014 ♥ Publisher: Rupa Publications ♥ ISBN13: 9788129131171 ♥ Language: English