Add spice and spark to your love life

Just like time, energy is limited and cannot do anything to increase it but you can only learn how to exploit it to the fullest. If you waste your energy in useless activities, you will not advance more to bring forward projects that will make you the person you've always wanted to be. Give yourself a goal to achieve. It may be something important, like starting a new career, or even something small, like cleaning a room. Whatever it is, it must be realistic. Try to imagine the path needed to reach that goal.

I can't resist talking about that rekindles my energies are

1. Stimulating the brain by reading more books by forgetting the remote control which makes me feel inspired, and affected by, situations that tells me something as also finishing a book also gives the sense of having completed something, and stimulates my will to achieve new goals.

2. Taking romantic weekend trips to places I have never seen, to explore new places which gives me new perspectives and show other people how to live in the world with a change of atmosphere also helps in breaking the monotony of everyday life. New meetings bring new experiences in your life.

3. Doing volunteering work and helping less fortunate people than ourselves gives me a sense of satisfaction and success and brings my foot back to reality in this make believe world that makes me feel motivated.

4. Keeping in regular touch with all my family members on the phone whether near or far ones and friends, with the words of affection by family members gives me the boost I need.

5. Going out with my bicycle, or an occasional swim and playing soccer in Sundays makes me feel gratified with this kind of regular exercise gives me lots of energy and plenty of drive while the exercise in the morning gives me the right energy for the rest of the day, the evening exercise contributes to a good relaxing sleep that helps in my self-esteem and therefore my motivation..

6. The bedroom has a significant influence on our lives and my room should, contain vibrant, stimulating and cheerful elements, good to wake up and start a pleasant day and energy. The bedding should have shades of pink and circular patterns that fuel the energy, creating a harmonious flow of energy to the skin with cotton sheets, linen or silk coupled with objects such as paintings and photographs that evoke flowing water, mountain scenery with a creek, candles and lampshades in pairs symbolizing intimacy.

The moments of leisure are essential for me to recover the energy that I need to invest in my work and I dream to be in the places that have added new dimensions and a reason to be in this world.