What is the typical summer food? The right diet for summer

Summer is almost upon us, so dear friends it is time to think of healthy and delicious meals for the hot season. When it comes to summer meals, we all want something light, fresh and tasty so you do not have to worry about your waistlines. From fresh fruit to the vegetables through the homemade desserts, there are many delicious recipes to try this season. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that help us feel good during the hottest days.

We'll see together the perfect dishes for the summer, which are not only delicious, but also beautiful to look at. In summer it is recommended that the salads be made special with lots of different ingredients, with steamed chicken, lighter and more digestible and of course steamed fishes. The ice creams, frozen desserts and cakes with fruits, are also perfect for the warm season that will please even the little ones. We want to enjoy the delicious sweet summer, by trying to choose only easy and fast recipes in the summer because no one wants to spend hours in a hot kitchen.

The fresh rice salad is a seasonal dish, perfect for a quick lunch, which is not just great to take to the beach or a picnic on the lawns, but also for the office lunch. The rice salad is nutritious and can be conveniently served as a main dish, and in addition to bringing joy to the table thanks to its many components that characterize the colour, it has the advantage of being a dish that can be enriched with a virtually infinite number of ingredients, just follow your imagination.

You can also use the parboiled rice, which is a type of grain subjected to a treatment based on steam which makes it yellowish to view but once cooked turns white. If you want to give a refined touch to your plate, you can instead use the long grain rice, with its characteristic long grains. But realize that this rice is whole grain and is more suitable as a side dish because it ties a lot with the other ingredients. Finally, you can opt for the basmati rice characterized by delicate flavour.

Whatever the type of rice you choose, cook in salted boiling water, keeping it for a maximum of 15 minutes. Drain it, then pass it under cold water to stop the cooking, drain again, and finally put it on a dish towel to dry completely. For a rice salad you can flavour the water used to cook the rice with saffron, spices or herbs.

It is in fact the traditional custom of blending leftovers from the fridge, uniting them in a creative and flavourful way with this excellent and versatile grain and is thus possible to compose various types of cheerfully mixed rice salads with meat, fish, or vegetables.

Chowmein is the right idea for a picnic or lunch on the beach.  The noodles can be prepared in many different ways using ingredients of any kind, but for good results we suggest using fresh, seasonal products, especially lots of vegetables, and sauces. But the noodles do not have to be a bunch of a thousand things, we suggest that you limit the number of ingredients to 3 or 4 and also seek to harmonize their colours, where you can only use ingredients such as yellow, red or only or play on contrasts such as pink radishes or with green broccolis, cut in all shapes and sizes. Also be careful with the ingredients that could leak fluids, such as tomatoes, or change colours, like avocado.

A plate of cold noodles with cheese, red onions and lots of good olive oil is a perfect choice for a summer dinner, or maybe on a terrace by the sea, served in half melon or bowls, and if you like you can also add cucumbers. There are many ways to prepare the noodles using vegetables, and you can season it with a vegetable sauce, made of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and sweet onions. Of course, the sauce should be at room temperature and this recipe salad is best served cool or at room temperature, not cold from the refrigerator.

The chicken salad is an easy recipe and quick to dish perfect for summer dining and in fact a plate is rich in vitamins, in addition to being light thanks to the use of chicken breast which is a white meat particularly digestible and low in fat and provides a balanced intake of proteins and vitamins, to which you can add the ingredients to enrich and flavour the dish, depending on the diet, but also depending on personal taste.

This recipe shows how, in many cases the vegetarian alternative to the usual traditional dishes, is not just as tasty but much more light and easily digestible. Stuffed Eggplants, flavoured with a little bit of garlic is good for making an office lunch tasty, nutritious and tasty with a lightweight filling.

To conclude your summer dinners we propose these fresh and light delicious desserts. The sponge cake and cream are definitely the most popular because they combine the softness of the sponge cake with the taste of cold cream and other creams. The summer version of the classic birthday cake has several adaptations with strawberries peaches and other fruits available during a typical summer.

You can also go for the ice cream cake with a soft sponge cake base, and a layer of ice cream. The red fruits are a great accompaniment, while a bit special combination is definitely cottage cheese and peach. The decoration and tastes are to be included with your free choice.

A sorbet is essentially a mixture of water, sugar and fruit puree or flavourings that freeze into ice cream, or in the freezer. Just remember to stir every half hour or whisk well before serving with a powerful blender. For adults, and do not overdo it, you can complete the sorbet with a liqueur of your choice, like the melon sorbet with vodka.

Whatever you choose to prepare for the summer, devote much attention to their presentation decorating them with care and serving them in cups or glasses by matching colours and decorating lavishly with fresh fruits to make them become more elegant during summers to make a perfect lunch or a dinner.