Essentials for the Perfect Road Trip

The perfect trip has always been chased by the traveller in the last theorem practicable, asceticism of the diamond, and beyond it is the route untouched, the alchemy of the seas of Ithaca, the unknown that attempts to explore the warps of knowledge. The perfect is elsewhere in the epic of the journey, starting from your life on the road, when in it the desire for knowledge is the first among the fundamentals.

Whether you're a fanatic of romantic travel, adventure, or maybe you do not want nothing but to relax and watch the world go by, what should combine and mix all the ingredients in the right dose necessary to give life to a perfect recipe without smudging it unexpected. Visit places and have experiences that you would have never imagined before.

Holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with the whole family with certain solutions over others offer excellent solutions for children, so that even adults can enjoy the best of it. Of course, before starting to fly with the fantasy, we must keep our feet on the ground and deal with the budget and you will then spend less on flights and the magic will still be assured!. The watchwords for a perfect road trip are romantic, exotic, and adventurous.

If you want to save money on food and fun at the same time, the best solution is to choose a hotel with half-board and then for lunch enjoy a romantic, pleasant and low-budget picnic on the beach or in a park. Moreover, in most of the destinations the street food is a fantastic alternative to restaurants because it allows you to get closer to local traditional gastronomy more genuine. Stock up without fear to street stalls, markets or supermarkets and then choose the place that you like for lunch!

Booking equipped holiday homes is an ideal solution because it offers the right mix of freedom and comfort and you can also choose the comfortable half-board option. If you have a house available, a good idea to save money and live like a local is the home exchange. You can live like them and use your budget for other expenses!

You do not want yourself crammed into small rooms with no charm or just prefer to avoid the typical vacation packages, a private chalet is right for you generally built in a privileged location, surrounded by nature and tranquillity, allowing you to enjoy in a quaint and comfortable atmosphere.

During the trip, the really important thing is to feel good in everyone enjoying each other's company and havinh fun together. Often, the best stories come from the most unexpected experiences and the journey itself becomes more important than the destination. For this, choose alternative means of transport if you have time that could be a nice and fun way to spend time together and discover the hidden corners of the countries crossed. So, why not move by a car or train?

Instead of always thinking "it will not happen to me", better play the card of caution and choose individual or group insurance that is specific and appropriate to the risks associated with your trip. To avoid queues and waiting during your trip, why not book subscriptions, from home before leaving which you can do this easily by phone, and also using the internet.

To avoid finding yourself with crutches and to minimize the risk of pain, you should prepare your muscles, especially those of the legs, to the effort. Biking, jogging and swimming will help to train your stamina and your breath. On the spot, do not try at all costs to do too much: there's no need!

A break mulled wine, or euphonium, never hurts anyone and to be on top of the force, calibrate your power. First rule is not to wake up on an empty stomach. Full breakfast, sugars slow and rapid absorption, plenty of fluids, dried fruit and candy in your pocket are essential!

You can take your road trip with comfortable clothing. Do not forget to equip yourself with the belts and the helmets. And above all, make sure you have equipment of good quality even if it is lent from the friend of the friend who has your same size. Finally, the essential sunscreen and sunglasses as the tan is not the most glamorous, sure, but it's better than be blinded by the reflection of the sun!

Leaving for a trip in the car in peak holiday season probably means getting stuck in traffic. Do not go unprepared. Before you get behind the wheels, look on the internet to reserve a route for every eventuality!

What you should bring? Here is my list - a big blanket, for the picnic, composed of cloth and oilcloth; a paper tablecloth, to use on the tables of picnic areas; glasses, plates, cutlery and paper napkins, the most purists can also use china plates and cutlery, a sharp knife and water, soft drinks, possibly put in a cooler, to remain cool;  bottle opener, which is one of those things that we often forget; paper towels and wet wipes, especially if you have small children that can get dirty, and there are no fountains, or rivers; plastic bags for waste and backpack in which to place everything thoroughly.

But you know it is there, with hell and heaven together, waiting for you, at the height of the tundra, perhaps, and that will not leave you respite until you wore its soft and charming organza.

The perfect journey is the ocean without limits for the lone prospector or the peak impossible for the experienced climber with the noise of the wheels on the asphalt and gusts of wind of the campaign messing her hair. Sheep watching you from the side of the road, chewing the grass slowly and thoughtfully as if to say: 'You sir, you're really, really lucky.