Book Review: Jack & Master: Karan Verma

Jack & Master, a tale of Friendship, passion and glory by Karan Verma is a simply fun packed grand joyride that is delectably unusual and appealing to the core which magnificently strings in concert all facets of existence as of academic years to corporate verve, from city shaking progress to affairs of state.

The fairy tale of Jack and Master began twenty years ago in Grinnel's University in Goa where the charismatic 'Jack of all trades' with the hot style diva Samantha by his side, can play the guitar, and croon his way into your mind, be the cyber-wiz next door along with also lure the ladies whereas the celebrated 'Master of one', with his soul mate Sakshi, as his pillar of support is the financial wizard who shudder the very fundamentals of the political structure of Goa.

And then the ostentatious college loafer Jack meets the unconquerable out of the ordinary Master in a fight to the finish with no rules and no restrictions, in a quest for fame to come out on top in a ride of your lifetime with the culmination is a height of greatness.

One of the largely enthralling works of fiction the book just reverberates with you where you will by no means sense that the tempo is drooping but was in the vein of a zephyr of unsullied air in the globe of creative writing with a comprehensive wrap up and it has all the essentials that one can imagine off from excitement, passion, hilarity exploits, to obscurity.

This paperback is wonderfully written and the characters have been depicted so well that you finish up falling in adore with them with the yarn is first-rate and fresh which stays you captivated to the contrive with silky inscription which is as well loaded in literary quotient.

The writing is very bright, sharp and also potent with the narrative has so much excitement and earnestness that the person who reads get a blend of amity, adore, ambition, antagonism and a stream of feelings which is ought to be interpreted by one and all for the reason that Jack and Master are a truth of everybody's existence.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 254 ♥ Publisher: Rupa Publications ♥ Published: February 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8129130938