Book Review: The Helpline: Uday Mane

The Helpline, unveiling book by Uday Mane, deals with a young person, his early struggles and the stumbling blocks to muddle through them and is in relation to discovering hope in the fight back while combating for what you trust in and finding out your spot on individuality and is not just a tale on falling in love other than rising as of a futile adore fairy-tale that escorts to self-discovery.

The volume unlocks with the central character Samir Masand, a 20 year old college dropout, but an ardent writing buff in a dire situation, battle hopelessness along with desperate considerations, who has shut the world out for the reason that of a delicate heartbreak and the consequent remorse.

He is apparently spiralling out of control and refuses to be drawn out of his shell, in spite of the best attempts of his buddy, Neha, who circuitously direct him to a life changing experience when one day, he comes to a decision to call a suicide helpline, but this is not any usual service where on the other side of the handset is Rachel, who changes the course of his existence.

It is through Samir's telling of his narrative to Rachel that his years open out before us where through the passage of this paperback, Samir grows up, learns from his environs, and love finds him when he is on the hop which he embraces it as his full being, just to become conscious that existence is about struggles and so sets in motion Samir’s fairy-tale of adore, ache, slip-ups, regret and a young woman who transformed his life.

We hear about Siddhartha, a special child with Down's Syndrome and his sister Riya, Samir's love interest, their courtship, who had altered Samir’s existence and wishes for a life with her, other than destiny had just disillusionment in store for him and his blunders in relation to her had directed Samir to a step where he wished for to finish his life.

As his legend arrive at its close, Rachael becomes familiar with the exact raison d'ĂȘtre at the back of his suicidal penchant, who realizes his state of affairs and make an effort to bring Samir out of this, while Samir finds out three things of the mystery behind this Helpline and more crucially, Rachael, where there is further to the mysterious and yet so true to life accent of Rachael, which show the way to him in an expedition of self-discovery all set to rebuild himself.

The author puts up the intrigue magnificently, with a not too linear sequence of events while two climaxes, of course, take the cake with the top part is the out of the blue culmination subsequent to the climax for the part where Rachel's character is made known.

The temperaments are well-formed with attention to detail with Samir, is well carved by the writer where we come back to his present at times, but the account is primarily in relation to his earlier period. Apart from the key characters, the minor ones like Samir's grandpa (Nana), Ria's brother Siddharth, Parker Chacha, the cafe owner, as well turn out to be charming.

The writer has illustrated each sentiment extremely delightfully where there are incidents in the reserve that make you sense so worried for Samir and right from the start you nearly develop a tacit attachment with him, with whom you feel a relationship that doesn’t allow you to put the volume behind.

The story is fairly evocative with the description is delicately written and the person who reads wouldn't find it hard to stay up with the tempo of the chronicle with the paperback seize you along with it as the language is easy to understand and there is no intricacy in recognizing the assortment of twists and turns in the book.

By means of a rather fast-paced attention-grabbing story the thought behind the reserve is pretty out of the ordinary with the inscription style of the volume bright that manage to keep the plot intact in the anecdote all through with the author adeptly bring into play the helpline to fashion such a striking heart-melting fairy-tale.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 252 ♥ Published March 29th 2014 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ ISBN13: 9789383562886 ♥ Language: English