The wavy hair is the trend this summer and is a must try whether you are in the city and on a vacation. Thinking about it, TRESemme developed the most advanced professional grade products, for you to feel that just left the salon all the time. For nearly 70 years, TRESemme is on the market that offers innovation and quality to a demanding public.

Famous in more than 13 countries worldwide, the company provides products for everyday use with the professional level, which are also needed designers more skilled. The newly introduced TRESemme Split Remedy have conditioning agents, which not only reduce the damage and renew hair fibres, but also improves the resistance of the hairs and prevent the dreaded split ends from appearing. To satisfy a wide range of customers, the TRESemme released new collections, with specific products for all hair types.

A slightly dishevelled voluminous deconstructed style is very chic for a beach or a perfect in town or a boho look or taste with rocking outfits. The soft, seductive and defined old Hollywood style is perfect in the evening with a long, soft flowing dress or for a party on the beach with a bright and fringed '20s short dress, to spark in the city.

The dictates to be very cool in summer speak of wavy hair at all hours and in all variations, from extra volume moved in 80s style waves to retro chic taste. The ideas to experience hair moves in the summer are numerous. The classic smooth soft and voluminous style angels of Victoria’s Secret are always in fashion and is perfect for both day and evening. The massive, slightly dishevelled bouffant to art that brings to mind the 80's is hyper cool and is perfect for the addicted crown of beauty.

Another trend this summer a must try in the blur accompanied by a fake sloppy wet, is a perfect look on holiday, but also during informal days in the city. In the evening you definitely change course, with dishevelled blur is ok only if he plays with extra volume, while complete chic look is better to focus on a cascade of soft curls and ordered taste or etiquette of refined retro-inspired waves that can limited to animate the tuft or they can take possession of the entire hair, the choice between the two is look absolute discretion.

The hair styling requires a few simple steps important to make sure that the hair appears perfect. It is important to start from a basic right, the denomination of not blending well with wavy hair. The volume and movement to emphasize the ideal is to focus on a unstructured and marched cutting to art are different techniques to emphasize and enhance the blur of hair.

If you want a very cool dishevelled effect you can dry your hair upside down with a diffuser with a fixative or alternatively you can divide the hair in many small sections to roll up and secure on your head.

For a more defined and refined look there can be used the classic way, but in this case it is important to dampen the effect of hyper cuddly hair combing the hair gently with your fingers. To achieve long-lasting effect and extra volume is the new Tresemme shampoo for, an undulating hair that gives them movement without damaging them.