Book Review: Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se: Kuhoo Gupta

Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se by Kuhoo Gupta is a poetry compilation stimulated by a plethora of themes reminiscent of adore, wistfulness, recollections, casual soul sensations, innate splendour and mysticism on paper in informal words in Hindi blend with Urdu and English, something that will craft you being poignant in your leisure instants.

Existence here demotes to verve of anyone and one and all where all of us encompass chalk and cheese incidents in being save for the quintessence of all of it is the same, with each second in existence is edifying us something or the other, whatever is essential for our spirit with expressions, effortless yet evocative navigating subterranean into your spirit, illuminating your feelings.

The very beautifully composed bundle of poems of love and separation breathe life which you'll fall in love with it and there are many such examples where all the tenderness, reaches it zenith in poems such as ‘Teri Bali Nas', 'Khushbu', ‘ATM’, ‘Kurbten', 'Ulkapind', 'Garmahten ', 'Protocol', 'Adhe Chand Si Barfi ', along with numerous compositions which are deep enough to penetrate the mind.

Without in any way compromising on imagination or words, the verses fit in the ordinary and the everyday to fashion colourful metaphors, that turn into an allegory with the verses are something one and all will be able to recount to for the reason that it is stirred from the pot called time that all and sundry walk off through.

The author echoes her intense observation of being and the milieu around her with profoundly redolent poems, in the midst of a few really extravagant metaphors along with descriptions yet easy enough to be accessible to most Hindi speakers with the poems take in premises that most of us can recount to.

Positioned in modern era, this assortment is pertinent as well as evocative for booklovers where, the whole thing is set aside precisely whether inducing an enduring reminiscence for yesterday, grieving for the short of time to spend with a dearly loved, it is consummate in the looking at of individual affairs and the insights and warmth with which lovers deal with the numerous components of everyday verve.

A treasure of a volume those little effects that we so often overlook in frenzied elation of living will seize you on an arousing tumultuous outing as the writer look at an assortment of premises as well as themes of significance such as individual affairs, with these verses echo ingenuity and mind's eye, not to cite the flair at the back of her elegiac writing.

The writer’s persuasive inscription fashion crafts the person who reads introspect with the verses, overflowing with passion and moods, taking shape in expressions and canto’s that with ease slither from one theme to the next, engaging in the attractiveness as well as bitterness of relations, dreamy cogitation, and even severance.

With the turn-off of each sheet, booklovers are carried into a fresh poignant facet, or setting with a few verses are drawn out, while the others are brusque and squat, save for by no means deficient in abstruse  metaphors or prosaic imagination with this tome has verses that show a mixture of experiences and feelings in verve that encompass that naive magnetism in it, akin to the sweetheart sopping sensitively athwart blushing buds, odorous as well as lustrous with the opening glimmers of first light and yarns that wrench your sensitivity.

The modern-day poems have a widespread appeal and all and sundry will relate to it with the verses are extremely effortless in expressions of words other than subterranean in connotation soaking their ardour and quintessence adroitly and akin to any fine art, it elevates the person who reads to a dreamy state of being.

Overall, the poetess understands it perfectly and captures the spirit of each poem where there is something in each stanza associated with our life and search for love in the vein of that emotion that again arises the yearning to live, with the poetry reveal a bouquet of varied life experiences, and a deep introspection that brings out poignant reflections that are personal, yet universally cadenced, melodic, and harmonious, reminiscent of the delicate peal of carillon, fashioning an impression that can be phrased poignant and peaceful.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 148 ♥ Language: Hindi ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383808854