Book Review: Zeenat Qureshi: Veena Nagpal

The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureshi by Veena Nagpal Veena have adroitly fashioned a loaded arras in the midst of very old as well as modern history entwined into the sequence of events that do not shy away as of probing into the conflict among devout dogmatists of poles apart point of views, save for the core point which comes out is of compassion along with optimism glowing in the course of the travails of the key central characters, Zeenat Qureishi and Ajay Mehra.

Despite the fact that the book is pedestal on a few past incidents, it doesn’t assert to be historical narrative and take emancipation with various facets of times gone by, and delicately walks around the slow but sure fall of raison d'ĂȘtre as well as rational opinion in the moments of public strife, and the ensuing need for faith when two youthful cousins are hell-bent on bringing back Muslim glory, even if it suggests bringing in panic along with an inflammatory Hindu religious leader with a lone tune, to smash mosques, and construct temples.

The volume daringly sets out to walk around the intricacies as they subsist in the present day, despite the fact that the tome itself is placed in the early 1990s when a disturbed twenty year old young woman Zeenat distressed in the upshot of the London Tube terror campaign, move towards India, where long before she was born, the eldest Qureishi brother, his companion and six year-old offspring Zainab were massacred.

Feral as well as hot-headed Zeenat quickly cascade in love with Ajay, whose family Zeenat’s relations alleged guilty, with the closeness turned bitter, and countenanced with evidence that he was engaged in the knocking down of a mosque, troubled, Zeenat ridicules him.

Communal acrimony that has seethed for centuries intimidates to go off in the region of Zeenat as she goes through a waning rehabilitation in an environment of mistrust and struggling to hit upon answers, instinctively moves back into the precedent verve with reminiscences straddling centuries that will facilitate her identify with and nurse back to health the present.

Sucked into her memories of power brokers stage-managing adore and vengeance, execution as well as insatiability, an entire populace come across itself at defining moments when she come across recollections so potent that they switch on being repeatedly televised on the small screen which ride roughshod over all other telly broadcasts, jamming out all other channels which may twist one’s naivety as being in principle not viable, other than this has been knotted with the account with such perfect dexterity that one would not split hairs.

The fairy-tale deals with to set brazen the point of view of both religions devoid of giving in to preconceived notions, whispered in concert with the accent of common sense that manifest themselves through three personalities who would fairly accept as true the fundamental righteousness of individuals.

The work of fiction, despite the fact being lengthy, is an effortless interpret, in the midst of many-sided temperaments that over and over again put on show extreme individual incongruities, with the narrative put in the picture a fascinating anecdote that at consigns stays the person who reads at the rim of their seats.

The writer opts to avoid bringing into play needlessly difficult words with the unputdownable story is swift, suspenseful and out of this world with the quintessence of feelings as well as associations magnificently incarcerated discernible by means of the well-heeled descriptions fabricated up by her redolent imagery of panoramas as well as places.

All in all, this is an extremely readable paperback as well as one to be well suggested with the manner exercised to put into words is far less exaggerated and a lot further unswerving where an individual is more or less carried into a different globe along with a different moment in time, with the scenes, noise, as well as aroma so intensely done that have turned interpretation of this work of fiction into an exceedingly engrossing experience.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 478 ♥ Publisher: Tara Press ♥ Published: February 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8183861199