Book Review: Sita's Curse: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

‘Sita's Curse, The Language of Desire’, by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, a poignant exposition to celebration of a woman’s physicality, potency along with self-discovery, is a feminist erotic novel, intrepid, unabashed and insolent, that glances at the pretence of the Indian social order and puts in the picture the gripping fairy-tale of a lower middleclass Indian housewife's burning desire for affection, admiration, approval, in addition to sexual contentment.

The volume depicts the verve yearning with sexual awakening hooked on the amorously corporeal as well as emotional globe of the gorgeous, intense and obsessive Meera, breathing in a crammed home in the fringes of Mumbai and is in relation to her break away from all those restraints. Ensnared for fifteen years in the throttlehold of a lifeless matrimony along with bleak domestic household, she depends on her reminiscences along with her escapes of conjure to appease the twinge that smash her cadaver to soothe an unappeasable want to a lady who attains liberty by giving in to desire.

The tome has been separated into two fractions with the opening fraction covenant with a youthful Meera Rajda, from a Gujarati family in the little settlement of Vadodara, who essays the character of Sita in the Dusshera drama in the city for a lot of years and when she turn thirteen becomes sentient of her body, her desires along with wishes and tags on her transformation from a settlement lass wedded off at seventeen to Mohan Patel, a businessman from Mumbai, whom she has never met as well as is elder to her by a decade.

He leaves back to Mumbai departing from her while Meera is taken to a Guruji to be purified so that she bears a son. Soon, she too arrives in Mumbai, and longs for her companion to please her, but he does not pay attention to her which upsets her bodily as well as psychologically with her predicament and endure mutely at the price of her pleasure and existence.

The subsequent fraction covenant with a further in your prime as well as a changed Meera Patel, when she turns thirty and begins going for English lessons, and makes contacts, with the tale seize a far-reaching twist one calamitous day when she at last splits open, that alter her being eternally, with the paperback arrive at its momentous culmination and the charming conclusion.

The radiating leading light of this reserve Meera, is an intriguing, blemished, congenial, obsessive and existent disposition, a lady who didn't have a hitch intermingling with folks and alluring them, save for she didn't essentially wish for any secure attachment, and she was, to begin with, was scared of closeness as well as was held off with the thought of being felt and embraced.

Her frame of mind was mercurial and she could intermittently swerve infatuated, other than beneath it all she was terribly susceptible as well as angst-ridden and had to formulate measures to give and take and undertake to come across a middle ground, who did not like being acquiescent but all had to be on her conditions as she was bewildered by her overpowering desirability to blokes.

A tense erotic expressive sexual chronicle elegantly on paper in first person, with a strapping fundamental personality, to a certain extent openly so in the midst of certain parts that have been illustrated extremely overtly, right as of the foreword itself, with in depth unfolding of an account of adore, ardour, and anguish with the inscription itself is swift, superb and appealing that engages you and merit interpretation.

The yarn not just walks around the verve of Meera but as well give a picture of her personal emotions and her carnal desires, as also takes up a few of the facets of culture that aren’t coherent or comprehensible, with the morals of people, with stuff that are still rather deemed as proscribed, to be steered clear of or not talked about, where the lady is wedded off at a juvenile age, and the expectations of the relations she gets hitched to.

With finely enlightening, fascinating writing style, the writer confronts the time-honoured idealistic liaison and has truly deliberated in relation to her characters as well as state of affairs, and come up with a few startling and wonderful facets that craft the entire reading experience complete with an easy to interpret paperback where the corporeal aspect is extremely soaring and yet refined in spite of pushing the cloak, where you will sense each sentiment and then this reserve will allow you experience a globe you didn't make out on before, or perhaps be acquainted with but was too scared to explore.

This is the sort of volume that you will not be able to set behind once you start reading it, and you will plummet in affection for the key disposition while reading on her emotional fight backs, intense tête-à-têtes, and fervent lovemaking, and you would want to read more for the reason that it's so candid as well as incarcerates your spirit that you are drawn in to it.

An obsessive, enthralling, entertaining, enticing, alluring, amorous, ardent, captivating, and intensely heart-rending romance that will fixate you, seize you, and continue with you without end, with this work of fiction is for those who wish for to be on cloud nine, somewhere just as feral, only shadowy, a world where the black and white of ethical perspectives have been cut down to hoary hues.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 344 ♥ Published: May 2014 ♥ Publisher: Hachette India ♥ ISBN13: 9789350097809 ♥ Language: English