Book Review: The Silicon Mind: Manikarnika Lagu

The Silicon Mind by Manikarnika Lagu is a racy science-fiction suspenseful story concerning an extremely complicated neural chip implant on a human brain and the outcome for the individual with a heart-rending inexorableness to his expedition through life, in that no matter what he does with a tale of adore, achievement, and distress.

A typical book that plays very much in the vein of a techno thriller walk around notions of implicit realism along with the accessibility of awareness and seizes that to make out how an utopia may be taken in with the narrative orbit in the region of the entwined verve of Ray, a top neurosurgeon, intelligent as well as ostentatious owner and compelling strength of Chetna, India's leading coma treatment centre and Aman Kapoor, a reputed doctor, who cascade into unconsciousness after an accident and  turns out to be Ray's credulous test subject.

Ray and his American associates successfully embed a silicon chip inside Aman's brain, with a robot perform the manoeuvre after which Aman wake up invigorated and transformed forever. As Ray and his panel anticipate, his brain has been developed to exceptional extent, save for his body undergo weird infirmities, an effect of the inconsistency among the material chip with the human brain.

Aman deals with to map out his uncanny physical signs along with abrupt extraordinary therapeutic powers after his brain operation with assistance from Manasi, his psychiatrist, and her reporter buddy, Ishan, while Ray ultimately cave in to expressive demands from Manasi and his own daughter, the wild Sakshi and has to undo the wrong he had completed by endeavouring to play God.

At its pedigree, this is a firm science fiction work of fiction, with hues of the milieu along with the idealistic matter in that, with the account in due course seizes a twist in the very final few pages with the intrigues which ensue in the medical line of work at a range of echelons, the business of technical investigations and breakthroughs.

Aman's exceedingly idiosyncratic individuality, his perplexing experiences with patients subsequent to the implant, the budding liaison among him and Manasi, all craft an out of the ordinary interpretation and it is their intricate bond that in due course steers the sequence of events, keeping the person who reads affianced, in addition to endowing with the spot on poignant as well as cerebral sensitivity in the yarn.

Even the ultimate altercation is just what the doctor ordered, knotting up all the lives in a way that not just makes sense, but which is as imaginative as the fairy-tale insists and without doubt inspite of the haughty principles every so often being looked at in an informal comportment, the book presents a touch of essence for all booklovers, no matter how their steps possibly will bend over, in the midst of its amazing characters, striking relationships, along with stimulating accent.

An appealing and an incredibly gripping interpret, it’s a paperback that will stay behind on in your wits for days in the midst of sufficient tension as well as excitement and there is still a fine sagacity of credibility to the saga and this is one of those tomes that seize an implausible but in principle believable assertion and tag along it through to its coherent wrapping up.

At turns entertaining as well as earnest the writer makes out her theme on form through wide investigation and has written with clearness and sincerity, at the same time as also being especially character focused with all of the temperaments were finely curved with the blend of the avant-garde foundation of this work of fiction along with the looking at of issues such as amity, adore, relations, as well as anguish.

It's an elegant reserve, where there are mesmerizing principled as well as ethical matters where, there's candid shockers all along the way and it's the potency of Aman as a personality that keeps us betrothed, and his vigour that keeps us as of getting astray in the every so often speckled reminiscences of his existence.

An outstandingly well-crafted, finely on paper pleasing suspenseful story, that walks around in a modern setting in an entirely innovative as well as extremely stimulating manner, one that surges fast in the midst of interesting sequence of events, or at least characteristic on the facade, taken care of by those pedigree, in the spirit of the chronicle.

This is one of those attention-grabbing narratives in relation to the conjectures in a near upcoming that has turned moribund and has seized confines to the potential for the established, which in unlike dispense can have been opaque and desiccated, mind-numbing to a few, and mystifying to others.

ISBN: 9789383952038  ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: 2014 ♥ Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 368 ♥ Language: English