Book Review: Once Upon A Crush: Kiran Manral

‘Once Upon a Crush’ by Kiran Manral is a nippy, as well as an engaging, interpret that comes with a moderate amount of amusing and entertaining discourses in relation to adore, existence, and impasse of a single young woman in her late twenties living in Mumbai, with an enlightening glance into her verve.

Meet our central character Rayna De, a twenty-nine year old single, maverick, independent career lass, hailing as of a middle class Bengali family born and brought up in the chocolate box conurbation of Kolkata, now posted in Mumbai, where she is wedged in a cul-de-sac career with a fiend of a superior from hell who torments her into finishing more and more work in lesser and lesser time and has began to panic a bit.

The volume sets in motion with her top buddy, Pixie, setting up to lope away from house for a couple of weeks, to grab a respite from all the matrimony discussions at her residence, shack in at Rayna's consign while she is not especially pleased with playing host to her fugitive mate, for fright of being enquired herself when out of the blue Pixie parks up in Mumbai and takes refuge in her abode without letting up.

Rayna’s being consists of all the routine stuff like walking off for workplace, toil, slumber and starting all over again with zero love life while things slightly sweeten in the workplace when Deven Ahuja, the good-looking chap become the fresh object of yearning at her place of work and Rayna gets crushed by inapt dreams of Cupid, who aims his arrows instantly into her heart.

Unfortunately, urbane Deven is totally out of Rayna's confederacy in spite of the ambiguous messages he appears to be sending out, while, there are other gossips circulating in relation to him and as decreed by page three supplements of the city press, is the bloke in the verve of the dazzling, light eyed model turned actress Sharbari Raina.

To make affairs worst she is beleaguered by her parents who are in a rush to get her wedded off to an apt Bong boy of their picking Sid Bose, with a multi zero pay package and three bedroom home, when she finds out that existence have its individual sketches.

The firmly entwined intrigue is not just a workplace saga but is filled with self-belittling absurdity, and orbit in the region of Rayna’s verve which consist of her place of work, her limited associates, and Deven, where Rayna appears to be a sexual libertine with little reticence.

Each and every personality in the tale is finely set out with a few inimitable properties that stand out with the writer has a witty way to unfolding each and every disposition in the book right from the woman herself to her histrionic comrade Pixie, her petulant workplace associate Mathur, her superior Aparajita and of course, the workplace hunk Deven.

There are quite a lot of twists and turns in the connive that can stay the person who reads affianced which in essence keeps them drawn in with the inscription is extraordinary and luminous with the writer have a strapping charge over the words which is fairly apparent by the picking of expressions used all through the narrative along with a few hilarious lines.

The tenor of the work of fiction is cool, concise, cheeky, and yet it is incredibly expressive for the reason that it covenant with a certain phase in the being of the central character where nothing appeared to be going right for her and she was probing everything about herself with heaps of uncertainty, confusion, and our habitual life catastrophes.

If you are glancing for a swift blustery interpret along with a good chuckle then this is precisely the type of paperback you should be reading with the manner of lettering is extremely extraordinary in this unsullied, droll induced little twinkle of a fairy-tale that manages to provide it a fresh essence.

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Imprint: Jufic Books ♥ Published: 2014 ♥ ISBN-13: 9789382473916 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 224 ♥ Type: Fiction