tips to deal with the boss and Career

The problem of unemployment is more or less a social evil such as drought, traffic and not only in India. It seems that the numbers on the rate of employment, public or private, that is, they undergo a strong upheaval due to IPL matches set in the weekdays. The controls, as always on these occasions are carpet with roadblocks to the turnstiles, auxiliary, unleashed as hungry jackals on the streets in search of victims from typhus.

To avoid serious problems with colleagues and especially with employers and your boss you must organize to time without leaving anything to chance. Improvisation, in these cases does not lead to anything good. We must begin to weave patiently his canvas with a few days in advance, when the waters are calm and the event is still seemingly far away and definitely avoid excuses that relates to your health, for which you will have to start a few days earlier, or whatever happens you will not be believed.

In front of my boss I would always pretend that I’m not a sports enthusiast at all and pretend to fall from the clouds whenever any discussion would crop about any match and what time they took place and that made things easier a little to convince my boss when I needed to sneak out with other excuses.

Looking for a good excuse for not doing shit is one thing to professionals, but this quality is certainly not lacking in our newsroom. I would say that is the main feature in here, because here those who do not want to work during the matches here is a few quirky thinks I have tries till date with great success:

Once I pretended my wedding is coming soon and convinced my boss that I have to go out with my family to search for a new wedding dress and I could easily steal a few IPL nights.

Once I pretended my cousin after passing his graduation is moving to Australia for further studies that night and I should see her to the airport as we will again meet after a long time and my boss relented after a little persuasion and I could gleefully catch a important match.

Once I fixed a fake paediatric visit for the evening of the match and took off early from office saying my manager that the doctor has had a setback and moved the visits of the morning to the evening.

Once before the crucial matches, I took 2 days off saying my boss I needed a rest as my doctor has advised for dehydration and sunstrokes because the heat of June was just unbearable. He gave a little hesitation but everything went on just smoothly. Now at the end of the second day of the holiday, I called my boss and said him that I have broken my arm the day before, after falling from the stairs due to severe headache, and went to our friendly doctor to make a fake plaster on my arm who had said it can only be removed after a week. After a week back in the office with, I went with my fake bandaged hands to not arouse a suspicion with my boss.

Once I made my friends call me in front of my boss and faked that it is from my family members and pretended to them that I’m heavy with work and I cannot move. But they would coax me to that the situation at home needed my presence immediately.

Last year I just prepared a mock calendar of meetings and hanged it on the wall in such a way that my chief and other colleagues will take notice and will have it always under the eyes. For the first few games, I carried the meeting as per schedule. For the crucial ones, I just moved the date of the meeting one day on the match evening.

These are the few excuses I have successfully tried, but these days with many wonderful online sites like, I hardly has to make any excuses to sneak out of work as I can easily see ball by ball updates every second as well as live streaming matches with commentary, with the buffering extremely fast as well as the entire site loads very fast, so I can stay ahead of my friends all the time.