Book Review: Rise of the Sun Prince: Shubha Vilas

Rise of the Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas is well on paper in a striking mix together of absorbing narrative in the midst of intense life courses and pretty words with the writer spotlight further on the way of life offering an unsullied as well as lively understanding of the grand classic.

This fresh series in a non-linear order tags along Bala Kand, tenderly interlacing in fables deciphering the everlasting insight of that elegiac scripture in the course of a mesmerizing description and stimulating lessons.

There are all of this and a lot additional fare for modern thinking with eloquent elucidations with splinters of bracing facts like Ayodhya connoting impregnability which follows the rain harvest system, Saraswati’s tongue twisting of Kumbhakarna into profound sleep, Kamdev being identified as Ananga meaning that desire is just a shape of mind, Rama cracking the Shiva bow instead of simply twining it.

The spellbinding tale is restated with a lot of facets and devoid of dull oratory and is not an order for solemn and concerned study of Ramayana, save for it is all you would wish for if the plan is to look back over the legend or just to enlighten your children the illustrious bedtime yarn of India of that fantastic globe of kings, queens and the numerous quests that you were some time ago part of.

The volume puts in a lot to our awareness in addition to goad us to consider over all facets of existence and has not merely spread-out the inscrutability of the classic in the shape of out of the ordinary narratives, other than his annotations at the bottom of the page are more than useful to any individual who is over and over again countenanced with an assortment of qualms and queries.