Book Review: The Prophecy of Trivine

The Prophecy of Trivine, an unveiling book by Pulkit Gupta, Srivatsan Sridharan and Tnahsin Garg is a science fiction fantasy that parleys on aliens save for endow with a truly inimitable and inspirational view on humanitarian virtues as well as also sets athwart a lot of stimulating points.

The volume sets off as Cuehmoc, an emissary of Gucuteps, an advanced super intelligent extraterrestrial race from a far-away sphere, moves to the Earth to take on responsibility of a test that has gone out of control while planting the pip of life on the planet earth as well give details of the phrase 'Trivine', a coming together of three individuals bonded in a celestial company.

The effect of this momentous test, which was conjured up millions of years back by her group, which now rests in her hand and as she gets ready to convey her concluding verdict, she comes across three young blokes in revered woods in Uttarakhand, who change her being eternally.

The tale swings itself to the contemporary earth where these three operates, a scientist who desires to devote his days to the quest of knowledge and fancies that he ought not be troubled, an ethical hacker who desires to send ripples across the nation with a remarkable finding and an artist who gives his days to the chase of the aptness, ensues to get refuge in that woods, aiming to flee from the quirk of their own unjust beings.

Red Dragon aka. Philip Mascarenhas, a computer wizard in order to save his being and as if by some manifest coil of fate goes into a jungle which is fully strange to him and meets the scientist, Siv, living in a hut in the heart of the eerie woods, who is madly exploring on some furtive task and their chance get together with a new chap, Arty, who loves to live in the midst of nature, completes the ring of three beings.

The Gucuteps, in the meantime, state Mission Earth as a letdown and in time want to end it with Xona, the guardian of the task lands on earth and settles on to live in that very forest where the initial kernel of life was planted with her job is to wipe out the last hint of human race, from the face of the earth with her very existence shed a dim outline in the woods taking to bits the flora and fauna.

Fighting with their thoughts and fiends, they start on to look at the dim and supernatural behaviour of the woods by forming a camaraderie and as of the odd flora and fauna animate on the soil to the noxious open span of the fancy black skies, all they come across is hitherto one more baffling enigma.

Slight did they make out that four of them seize in their hands the hope of mankind and a lot past mind's eye, linked through an olden insight that was long gone in the sands of time with the yarn get a swift lick as of this tip with the amity among Siv, Phil and Arty mature and as their luck twist them as one they turn into the spot on envoys of mankind with the story conclude well paving way for a sequel.

An ingenious, exciting, inspiring and appealing interpret the splendour of the tome turn out to be further and further clear near the final fraction of the reserve where myriad legends open out and you see the true latent of the personalities as well as that of the nascent writers who dare to pick aliens, teleport, and all other allied stuff as the theme and perform fairly an admirable work

Apart from the preface and epilogue the tale is split into twenty parts with a few of the parts show up as great short stories, while a few parts are akin to strings connecting those great stories with a few of the parts appealing, in particular 'Deciphering the Relic', 'Troubled Dreams', 'Messiah', 'Of Beer, Bounty and Bonfire' and 'Red Dragon Returns'.

Apart from being a riveting novel, with fast pace, the order that does not tire the person who reads at any point with all the sections are finely concatenated that truly thump a triad.

The style is free flowing and the language is extremely clear with the spirits relate with a usual surge as per their clear milieu, with the string of actions fast and the background tales for each of them are creative and finely put in the picture with Xona is none other than a detractors acuity of human race who is equally cruel as well as critical and is our inner voice when we see carnage and disruption.

All the three authors never lost the plan and left an open ending and have well knit the yarns of realistic information with their mind to craft the book and is a distinct page turner and as the tale open up you get spot the artistic sphere of raconteuring and find swallowed up so much in the paperback that you can't get out without concluding it.

The book stirs the booklovers to run their feral thoughts and tells the egregious face of the mankind on hate, odium, indulgence and egoism on one hand and the very idea of optimism, adore and amity on the other and is a revelation to the truth that life is the top governess and all the scientific creations owe a debt of thanks to Mother Nature in some way or other.

In short, an ought to be interpret for science-fiction aficionados, with pretty decent stuff from first timers, the account which is well-off in niceties equips the entire setup rightly and offers you a wave glide outing as of a very universal saga of young people turn determined go-getters to a profound study of growth of our genus with an out of the world experience let you forget the present and craft you amble by the heroes.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 264 ♥ Published: December 2013 ♥ Publisher: Good Times Books ♥ ISBN13: 9789380619705 ♥ Language: English