travel Shopping in India, USA, Shanghai - A true paradise

A shopping trip to New York is a dream for many - not only since the four stars of the TV series "Sex and the City" celebrated the shopping noise in the big city. But if you want to be packed with Macy's or Bloomingdale's chic pumps or dresses in the oversized shopping bags, should have a well-filled travel agent.

Because in the US each state determines itself how much per cent of VAT it levies - or if he does not like Delaware. And in New York, a change in the "sales tax" has made shopping more expensive. It is also clear to retailers that VAT is a problem in New York. That is why the big department stores Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Lord & Taylor offer foreign customers discount cards. With these, they receive 10 to 15 percent reduction when purchasing.

If you want to shop at the outlet and save money by the way, this can be done in New Jersey. The state does not charge taxes on clothing and shoes in certain business zones. One of these zones is just opposite Manhattan. Here there is an outlet center with more than 150 shops.

Many visitors want to take advantage of the favorable dollar rates and take a digital camera or a mobile home with them. Previously, some branded products in the US cost less. A simple rule is that anyone traveling back by plane or cruise ship is allowed to import goods worth 600 dollars, alcohol and cigarettes are not included. Goods that are more expensive must be declared at customs. Even if you travel as a couple, the amount cannot be split between two travelers.

Whether in the bazaar or the jeweler's palace: shopping in India means enjoying, critically selecting and haggling

It smells of cinnamon, cloves and incense. Small mirrors flash, gold shines, colorful silk shimmers: The bazaars and jewelery shops are a seductive eye-catcher. Gone are the days when India was a low-cost country for buyers. But many prices are favorable because of low wages. The business involves haggling. The buyer who buys more than one piece has better chances. But what is the reasonable price? Never in the state trading centers, the empires. Their fixed prices are usually higher than they can be achieved on the market, but the comparison makes orientation easier. Stroll through eg Central Cottage Industries in Mumbai and Delhi. Attention: Everything that is more than 100 years old,

Antiques shops full of curiosity line up all over the street. Handicraft, handmade art, you can purchase at all tourist destinations: bronze works of god figures, also from copper and brass, many ceramics, from the small bowl to the meterhohen, colored elephants. Folklore, peasant ceramics can be found in the countryside. A village full of terracotta workshops is eg Molela at Jodhpur. The artisan with silver inlays (Bidri) can be precious - as well as meter-high sandalwood sculptures of gods in old style. But also small sandalwood carvings are appreciated and are not cheap. Leather is often processed by Muslims (unclean for Hindus!), From buffalo or camel skin. Leather bags are a good souvenir. Then there is the airbag so pleasantly light,

miniature painting
Thousands of painters are busy with the production of fine fairy-tale brushes and fairy tales of gods and maharajas on paper or silk - or on palm leaves. Pay attention to the faces of the figures: One can recognize the subtlety of the painting. Craftsmen in India can enjoy their work, and painting schools can be visited.

India promotes rubies, sapphires and diamonds from its own soil, also imported in a grand style. Jewelers make jewelery in jewelery shops, some of which are multi-storey. If you are looking for particularly beautiful pieces of fine jewelery work, ask in good hotels for trustworthy addresses. Jaipur is the main center.

Precious lightweights are the Indian silks - whether they are thin or as a raw silk. With gold and silver threads of brocade-like pattern, they are found in Varanasi, while other famous centers of beauty are Mysore and Hyderabad. From cotton or silk fabrics, you can also make top-dresses, morning coats or blouses in many places - or purchase the five-and-a-half-meter silk train of a sar. The vendors will be happy to show you how the silk is draped around your body.

More hand-knotted carpets than in Iran are produced in India. Fine silk carpets - beautiful as wall hangings! - need more than one working month. The quality of the wool carpets is measured by the number of knotted knots per square meter. With some, silk is also blended, which gives the shining silk touch.

Region: Kolkata (Calcutta)

In Bentinck Street (near BBD Bagh), mostly Chinese shops manufacture clothes according to customer requirements. Pay attention to very precise data and measurements. The New Market (Lindsay Street / Chowringhee) offers almost everything.

Area: Mumbai (Bombay)
antique shops

In the streets behind the hotel Taj Mahal it is not cheap but you get good quality. For items over 100 years old, an export license is required.

Markets and bazaars

North of the Fort area, there are markets for everything: the Mangaldas Market for Silk, the Zaveri Bazar with hundreds of jewelery shops for mostly eye-catching or very precious oriental jewelery and the Chor Bazar. As a flea market for everything that is old or deposited by others.

Region: Jaipur

In the bazaars of the old town you can browse for days. In the Johari Bazaar, numerous jewelers offer their treasures, as well as clothing, fabrics and ceramics.

Region: Lucknow

In the districts of Hazratganj and Chowk are offered Chikan, richly embroidered jean, silver works and perfumes.

Area: Varanasi

Brokat and silk materials (sari, meterware) are available at the Godoulia, at Maqbool Alam Road, in the Vishvanath Gali. Cheap: Ali Handicrafts | C19 / 19A-5 Lallapura (near Varuna Hospital).

Region: Ahmedabad

Those who visit the Old City Basar near Jami Masjid, the main mosque, fabrics, sweets and silver jewelery, built in 1423 , can test their trade skills (around Relief Road and MG Road in the east of the Sabarmati).

The Ashram Road on the west side of the river is home to the more modern shopping district. At the state emporium Gurjari, there are arts and crafts from all over India. Cotton saris (Maheshwari) are Ahmedabad's specialty.

Region: Jodhpur

Specialties include riding pants, antiques, fabrics in bandages and spices. Sardarpura bazaar

Region: Bhubaneshwar
Orissa State Handloom

Application manual work and copies of temple sculptures in original size - also shipping abroad. Janpath Unit 9, West Market

Region: Darjeeling

The markets are particularly colorful. Folk art, handicrafts, woolen goods are on Nehru Road and Chowrasta Road.

Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

With school, hospital, temple and workshops (carpets, carvings, textiles, jewelery). Mo-Sa | Gandhi Road | Tel. 0345/2252346

Region: Bangalore
Shopping in Bangalore

Except for MG Road, the Commercial Street, to the north, is recommended.

Cauvery Arts and Crafts empire

Typical silk fabrics and sandalwood work of the region, but also crafts from all over India. 23 , MG Road

Area: Chennai (Madras)

In Chennai, you can purchase well-colored plaid cotton fabrics produced here. The silk fabrics and hand-woven silk saris from Kanchipuram, 70 km away, are also famous. You will find quality goods and tailor-made products, especially at Anna Salai Road.

A shopping trip through Shanghai - an unforgettable experience for fashion-conscious and sophisticated, but also unusual shopping lovers.

A certain amount of hustle and bustle is in the air, people's streams almost pull in with one another, and most of them do not turn their eyes away from their mobile phones - whether they are communicating professionally or privately. But do not worry, the Chinese also have plenty of time to do a little shopping trip in all the hustle and bustle. As in many other cities, the motto is "Shop till you drop". A successful shopping tour is best to start at Nanjing Lu , one of the longest shopping streets in the world and also the most famous shopping mile in Shanghai. The Nanjing Lu is located right in the middle of the city and runs east-west. The eastern part is located in the city district of Huangpu, where a huge pedestrian zone with countless shops, Restaurants and cafes. You can not miss this part, because you are almost overwhelmed by lush neon signs. At the latest when you visit the other tourists and also locals when you are shopping, you will really get into shopping mood.

The farther westward, past the sights and finally near the popular square, you are approaching the western part of Nanjing Lu , also known as Nanjing Road West. This begins exactly at the Volksplatz and continues to the city district Jingan. The western part of Nanjing Lu is particularly known for its luxurious shopping centers. Say: Here you may like to grab something deeper into the wallet. If you follow the road, the exhibition center of Shanghai, which was first established as a project of friendship with the Soviet Union, has now become an eye-opener and has now become an incomparable shopping palace. Admittedly, I see nothing but clothes more than nothing else ... But moment, There is no lack of restaurants. Mhmm, I love the Asian cuisine!

Overall, this shopping mile is about 10 kilometers long, seen from East to West . And on such a long shopping street, there is something suitable for every taste and every wallet, as well as from fine shops to elegant boutiques. I must say the longer I stay on this street, the more I can understand why you compare this famous shopping street with Broadway in Manhattan's Manhattan district. The colorful hustle and bustle can be compared with Hong Kong's canyons, but the buildings are much more modern and beautiful. Especially in the dark it is quite colorful, not least because of the many illuminated signs. But has something nice in itself, right? :)

I would like to give you a tip: Beware of plagiarism. Because not every brand that stands on it, is also really a proof that it is really branded. But the connoisseurs among you should quickly recognize a difference between the real and fake sneakers.

Huaihai Lu - The shopping street of the beautiful and the rich
About 30 minutes north-east of Nanjing West Road, the Huaihai Lu is the second most popular shopping street in Shanghai, with a total length of nearly 6 km. This is not quite so touristy, but it radiates a certain elegance, yes we even say it is a shopping mile for the beautiful and the rich. Especially in the eastern part of the Huaihai Lu, luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Gucci or Tiffany & Co. decorate the shop windows of the various boutiques. But even if everything looks more chic at first sight, the real Shanghai, which is a colorful, chaotic and noisy city, can also be seen here. And a little tip:

Why men should be attentive now, of course I would not deny you. No, you are not supposed to make your money available to your wife, but the so-called Cybermart awaits you in Huaihai Lu, where you can spend your money. This is a central market for all kinds of gadgets, including iPads, MacBooks, laptops, camcorders and more. Even if China is not the best place to get discounts on electronic items, you can get your desired product with a little action at a reasonable price. What do you think, would not it be a reason to take such a great shopping trip soon?

If love for another person, for the real or justice, are forms of high love that magnify our soul, the love for the things is a form of addiction in illusory objects. I'm playing to reverse the terms in which the tradition has usually thought of our relationship with things, today we might say, with the goods as an excessive attachment to material and unworthy objects.

And because it's love, we expect to have to deal with the passions, with the dream and with the game. I do not offer an apology for my shopping, but to see how consumerism is a reality that can be seen as in a multi-faceted prism. A rose is only a flower, but when it is bought by a lover and donated to a woman there is in this gesture of all the mythology of passion, courtship and the man-woman relationship.

This idea perhaps mythology tells us something about the expressive potential and significance of goods and the activity of shopping, together with objects to buy small universes of meaning, and through them we can express or rework the components of our identity, of our relationship with the other and our role in the world.

If there is a myth behind the merchandise, shopping may also be acts by which we relate in a more or less conscious with cultural meanings, with the myths of course, that you are stuck in objects. And again, if objects are like the signs of a language, then purchasing and using of goods is like talking, of course, a language, and shopping is definitely something to say, in all senses.

Shopping holds a great expressive significant power, and in fact, the consumer market is set up as a real second reality of dreams. There, however, is not innocent the hypertrophy of consumption, reaching the point that almost everything we do go through economic transactions of purchase, meaning that the experiences offered by the surrogate goods have now completely supplanted the real-life experiences.

The concept of narcissism is certainly one of the terms that can be used to describe the contemporary consumer as me, not only in philosophy but also in ordinary speech today I am self-satisfied, in the mirror of the windows. Here is the background of a very strict conception of the consumer as a taxable person manipulated by advertising and by the imperatives of the hedonistic consumer society.

This summer, on my visit to Delhi I remained mesmerized by those cups, saucers, sugar bowls, in Delhi Haat and so I decided on my return, to roam the web, looking for a site that had all those little things that drove me crazy. I found a playground for people like me who love the products for the home and the kitchen. Inside I could find all kinds of products that I fancy for my kitchen. You know those beautiful services, those placemats and those objects that usually found in the buffets of the great luxury hotels where I could find all this at really great prices!

Want to know what I bought? A service of dishes, a pepper grinder both seen on other sites, but still too expensive for my budget, a beautiful butter dish, a large number of stainless steel bowls, a cheese dish made of glass and stainless steel, a  large multipurpose clamp table mats, there are all kinds, really cute. If the love of the goods is a blinding love that dispels the reality you could probably say that it is rather a crazy love, which weakens our reason and our awareness of citizens and political subjects.

I go shopping and come back with new curtains and a picture frame whenever I find and bargain points or have a coupon in hand These items may not come to be part of the house that I feel and that, but after all, is a part of me. I go shopping and buy a shirt and a pair of new shoes which are not merely useful objects, but also significant, tools of the staging in which I present myself to others, and not only our clothes, our own style, are something we hold dear and not by chance, my clothes are almost like a second skin full of meanings directly concerning my identity.

We must not forget that shopping also has a dimension of the group. Standardized products and tastes approved one model of car. Today, however, there are several models of machine, so that you are spoiled for choice that is a production of large amounts of poorly differentiated goods to a just in time production of goods in a plurality of often customized models.

The most striking example is that of fashion, choosing a style of clothing rather than another is often revelatory of the desire to belong to a group, to a tribe. If we want to integrate into the group of our colleagues we can not go with baggy clothes, and if we want to integrate in a punk band we can not go with work clothes. Each of us is a part of various tribes, at work, when we go out in the evening, with your family, if we are activists of a political party, or if we are in a cultural association. In each of these there are implicit rules of conduct, part of which specifically concern the consumption and style.

Therefore, the kaleidoscopic variety of consumer goods can become a tool for the creation of social ties and affiliations to tribe of taste. Through the sharing of musical tastes, clothing, art, literature etc. trans-individual creating networks of relationships and experiences. Going to the cinema, theatre, disco, at a concert, on vacation are all small daily rituals based on consumption that weave the fabric of interpersonal relationships and group.

Behind the dream of shopping then there is the cultural history of our society, it is a dream and a collective unconsciousness where they emerge anxieties, desires and passions that should not be underestimated. My shopping dream in something is not visible in the form of clear rational conscience, but in an indirect form of allegory, and the symptom of enigma, and it is something that speaks to us and our identity, the house as a myth of the intimacy of the nuclear family, the machine as a myth and the acceleration of technological progress, the mobile phone as a myth of know and the computer as a myth of the information society.

A picture frame made in series is the same for everyone, but the use that will be made depends on the history and memory of each. Or again a car has a universal meaning as a symbol par excellence of modern consumerist dream, but will also have a very different meaning, and special for the person who buys a second that uses as his first car for going out with friends, or as a car to go to work, or as a means for family holidays or as a status symbol.

My dream not is just one of the shopping, but also what continues to home, back from shopping and here that every commodity, however limited, is customized to be integrated with my personal dreams. So in the dream, between collective myths and dreams that are intertwined with the personal story, shopping lives its singular life.


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