End of the suspense. The dices are thrown. The 2018 Oscars nominations have been announced. This was the last step before the ceremony. As every year, it will bring together the cinematic universe at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. If you are passionate about cinema, you must have an appointment in mind for which you feel a lot of emotion.

As usual, the Oscar ceremony takes place in the Hollywood's Dolby Theater in Los Angeles in California. Formerly known as the Kodak Theater, it is located on Hollywood Boulevard itself, in the heart of the Hollywood district. Before the Academy Awards celebration takes place there is the classic walk on the red carpet. Here the famous guests vie for the attention of the crowds.

The bad news, in case you were thinking about it, is that seeing the Oscars inside the theater is virtually impossible. Getting on that coveted list is very, very complicated, especially being tourists who will be in Los Angeles for a few days (at most). What you can do is look for a good place near the red carpet to try to get the look of one of the actors or the greeting of the most fashionable actresses.

For this, what we recommend is to attend in advance. The security measures are very high so you can not go a week before to take a seat. It would not make sense. But on the same day, you should not take too long to go and see how things are.

It usually happens that if you go on the first hour you will find that the space is not covered. And then, almost in the blink of an eye, everywhere is filled with people as the hours advance. That's why the best thing is not to get too far away. If you know someone in the area, ask them about how to find a place and a suitable position so that celebrities do not escape. The Oscars is a celebration that brings together the brightest stars of the modern cinema. So you can imagine that the security measures are absolutely extreme.

However, this ceremony has been held in other iconic places and with a very peculiar architecture that, to this day, continue to witness all kinds of activities linked to the seventh art. We travel to some of them through these lines.

First Oscar gala held in 1929 at the Roosevelt Hotel

The first Oscars ceremony took place in 1929, as a dinner banquet for some 250 people in one of the dance halls of the Roosevelt Hotel. It is also located on Hollywood Boulevard and a few blocks from the Dolby Theater. With Spanish-style architecture, the Roosevelt opened its doors two years before thanks to financial support from a group of actors including Douglas Fairbanks, his then wife Mary Pickford and one of the founders of the Metro studies, Louis B. Mayer. The Roosevelt has appeared in a multitude of movies and as part of Angelina's nightlife. Its rooms have hosted celluloid personalities such as Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Chaplin, Errol Flynn and Frank Sinatra, to name a few.

Ambassador Hotel

Between the years 1930 and 1943, the Oscars took place between the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard and the Biltmore Hotel, downtown.

The Ambassador Hotel, demolished in 2005 and inaugurated in 1921, was the venue for the famous Cocoanut Grove nightclub. This hotel was frequented by numerous actors and other political personalities of the time such as US Presidents Hoover and Nixon and heads of state from around the world. It is also said that at her nightclub the actress Joan Crawford danced the Charleston at least once a week.

37th edition of the Oscars in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore

The Biltmore Hotel (now called the Millenium Biltmore Hotel) is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and opened its doors in 1923. Of Spanish-Italian Renaissance and Baroque styles, the Biltmore was once the largest hotel on the coast. American West Its corridors house all kinds of frescoes, murals, tapestries and marble fountains, among others.

Even a statue of the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa presides over one of the main stairs of the building. As curiosities, the current Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Hollywood was founded in one of its dance halls, the Crystal Ballroom, in 1927, and the first designs of the precious statuette were sketched on one of the napkins during the foundation ceremony.

The Grauman

After the Biltmore, the Grauman's Chinese Theater, popularly known as the Chinese Theater became the headquarters of the Oscars. Nowadays, at the entrance of these cinemas, the traces of the hands of a number of actors such as Harold Lloyd, The Marx Brothers, and Humphrey Bogart are engraved in cement. The Grauman also witnessed, among others, the world premiere of Star Wars, in May 1977.

The Shrine Auditorium

The Shrine Auditorium, an Arabic-style architecture building, was the next venue for the celebration of the Oscars. Located near downtown Angelino and inaugurated in 1926, the Shire replaced the Al Malaikah temple which had been destroyed by fire a few years earlier.

Pantages Theater

In the 50s the Oscars would move to the Pantages Theater, returning to Hollywood Boulevard. Of art deco style, the Pantages opened in 1930 to house vaudeville shows alternated with films of the time. Today the theater serves as a showcase for musicals and, occasionally, concerts.

Dorothy Chandler Pavillion

To conclude, we will travel to one of the last locations of the ceremony, Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, current headquarters of the Los Angeles Opera whose Art Director is Plácido Domingo. Opened in 1964, the Dorothy Chandler is part of a complex of buildings that is known as the Music Center and among which is the famous Disney Hall.

Greetings from the City of Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is very famous worldwide thanks to the incredible power of the film industry. However, not only the cinema gives this great city its reputation. It is also the city with the largest population in the entire state of California and the second most populated in the United States, only after New York.

To understand it better, we must know that it is divided into several areas. Among this, the center stands out, with important corporations, shopping centers, museums and neighborhoods of Asian, African-American and Hispanic identity. It is said that Los Angeles is the second city with the most Mexicans in the world, only after Mexico City!

In its metropolitan area, known as Greater Los Angeles, you will find some of the most famous Californian beaches and countless attractions for all ages. It includes theme parks such as Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios.

Film and Glamor

Although the city was founded in the late eighteenth century and had a great development after the discovery of oil in the area, it was not until the twentieth century that it began to take its current configuration with the birth and development of cinematography. With this, Los Angeles began to have an elegant and exclusive atmosphere.

Hollywood and its surroundings attract the largest film studios. In its residential area live numerous celebrities on the big screen. In this area, you will find attractions such as the Dolby Theater. Here the famous Oscar awards ceremony is held every year, and the emblematic Hollywood sign is on a hill.

Certain parts of the metropolis are also imbued with glamor, such as the exclusive Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Pacific Palisades, as well as the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, Malibu, and Venice Beach.

Art and Sports

In addition to being home to several labels, Los Angeles is a paradise for lovers of design, photography, literature and other arts. In total more than a thousand productions are made annually, including music, dance and theater shows. In addition, it is home to several record companies, about 900 museums and Gallery Row, a district specialized in art galleries. There are also several classical music groups, such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the chamber orchestra, and the youth orchestra.

On the other hand, in the city, you can enjoy practically all the popular sports of the United States. If you like basketball, you can go to the Clippers, Lakers and Sparks games. In baseball are the Dodgers, and in American football have paraded teams like the Rams, the Raiders, and the Avengers, while the Los Angeles Kings represent the city in hockey. As for soccer, the city is the headquarters of the Los Angeles Galaxy team. There will always be a sports or cultural venue waiting for you during your holidays!

Profile of Los Angeles

Mecca of American cinema and host of the Oscar awards ceremony
Great metropolis with the largest Hispanic population in the United States
Icon of the arts, culture and the media
Ideal destination to enjoy with the family
With sumptuous residential areas, luxurious shopping centers and neighborhoods with their own identity
Featured for its impressive number of museums
Close to world famous beaches
Extraordinary weather throughout practically the whole year

What to do in Los Angeles

Walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the footprints and hands of the most important characters in the film industry.

Visit a movie or recording studio to see what happens behind the scenes.

Take a walk through the sumptuous area of Beverly Hills and get to know the homes of some celebrities.

Attend a red carpet event at the Dolby Theater .

Spend a day at theme parks and amusements, especially if you are traveling with children.

Sunbathe in Santa Monica , Malibu or some other famous Californian beach.

Go to a football, basketball or baseball game in the various sports venues of the city.

Know the museums of the city, especially the Museum of Natural History , with more than 35 million pieces.

Breathe fresh air and practice outdoor activities in Griffith Park , where you can also take a picture with the Hollywood sign as a backdrop.

Visit the Temecula Valley and the Antelope Valley to see the wineries, vineyards and cavas in the region, and accompany a delicious meal with a local wine.

Acquire fantastic products and memories of your trip in the many shopping centers of the city.

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