Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review: Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister: Tabrik C

Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister by Tabrik C, a sizzling political thriller placed in present day India, tags along an enthralling description of a luminous gentleman who develops into all the three in his existence form prisoner to jailor to prime minister whose swift ascent through Indian political affairs crafts for an exciting interpret as he countenance divergence both inside and outside his wits in his ride to rule the largest democracy in the world.

Warped in the dual twist of scary political play, veiled pretence, shades of a illicit desire, adore, defeat as well as politics of the extremely terrible type, the tale is in relation to near upcoming idea of Indian politics that’s well-read, kind, edgy as well as distinctive India on edge, where mid-term general elections stand tall as a rebellious home upheaval in opposition to the old stable Constitution and the peril of Jehadi panic of an absurd echelon, are ominous on the sphere.

Put between the 1980's and 2017, split into the past flashbacks and the present day, this volume is all in relation to life passage of a debonair, well-bred Siddhartha Tagore, an odd and sort of strange divergent whiz kid, music-maestro, profligate offspring, Tibet enthusiast in addition to political mastermind, with strong views on China and Pakistan, who wrestles to patch up his kaput mind and is more or less akin to a biopic recounting his thirty years of existence since adolescence in addition to is as well with reference to folks who move towards into his verve, those who keep on and those who runs off.

A fate bonds a splendid prodigy of music as well as a mastermind who transformed the set of laws of both the sacred corridors of Harvard when he landed for his grade in Classical Music in Mozart as major and Political Theory as minor. Siddhartha gets together with twins Rubaya and Karisma with an express ember in oomph at moments escort him to a few aberrant steps and plunges in adore with Rubaya that guide his being to a chalk and cheese course.

An abrupt roll of fate propels recluse Siddhartha into public eminence creating him an extremely dodgy entrant for the post as the leader of the opponent coalition and after all as the newly chosen Prime Minister of a troubled state following tense proceedings setting India on the edge of one more shocking nuclear attack and its especially foundation stands to countenance rebellion wobbling the sanctimonious columns of Parliament.

Siddhartha has sported a lot of expressions, been poles apart operate save for sooner than his individual personal divergences be able to be set on, he starts to come across carcasses as awful covert furtives open out before him being brought back to life as well as intimidate to expose the precedent in the phase of just 4 which crafts him whiz around town on his Harley and dip himself in his music in an attempt to hit upon an apt way with a charming saga which runs to knot up more than a few threads in the conclusion.

The tome is pretty out of the ordinary with the tense surge of the words which is riveting as well as captivating and leaps between periods, with effortlessness with a few incredibly poignant instants in the paperback with the intrigue is intricate, elaborate, steady and very tinged sequence of dealings that stay the booklovers on their toes all through the storyline.
The writer, has prepared the temperaments who you identify with and you can glimpse the personalities mature with the time outlines of Siddhartha Tagore, Rubaya Jaykar Tagore, Karisma Jaykar, Kabir Jaykar, Nobel prize winner Rukmani Devi, in addition to on the other hand there is a terrific trepidation in relation to Gordon Thorburn, Gregory Templar, and many more who will stay put for long even after concluding the reserve and so is true in relation to the yarn.

The character as well as nature of Siddhartha, is so flamboyant that you can in fact bond with him who has numerous layers along with hues to his persona and you are unable to fix on if he is good, bad or just trapped up in between whether he is errantly the manner he is or he is just a butt of his situation.

An out of this world plot, skilfully planned as well as incredibly on paper the magnitude with which the theme has been levered is awe-inspiring with the vital information, well done research and power of mind's eye in a sinister impressive work of fiction put in the picture in a stylish fashion where what you imagine will ensue, every now and then, save for it will escort to what you cannot even dream.

A pretty swift lick gripping page-turner knotted in a connoisseur rollercoaster stratagem, the frenzied adventure carves like a sharp edge in a spellbinding political fairy-tale in the midst of emotional feelings fashioning an intricate as well as fear-provoking globe, intrepid in its bipolar as well as bisexual milieu as well as level-headed and treacherous in its political substance with melody wickered into the chronicle.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 323 ♥ Published: January 2014 ♥ Publisher: Hachette India ♥ ISBN13: 9789350096703 ♥ Language: English