Tasting Wine in the Colchagua Valley in Chile

During my 20s, I had a fairly close relationship with Chile. However, and this may sound strange, I began to acquire my taste for wine when I was not there, but during later years, in Argentina. A month ago I returned to Chile with my friends. My return to this wonderful land meant, more than a reunion, a discovery of its viticulture.

Two hours from Santiago in Chile there is a unique place in the country called the Colchagua Valley. There, surrounded by snowy peaks, grow ocher-colored vineyards for the art of producing one of the best wines in the world.

Chilean wine has undergone very important changes in the last two decades. Perhaps the most decisive fact has been the rescue of the Carmenere strain, which had been considered extinct after a plague in France around 1860. More than a century later, in 1994, they discovered that it had been hidden in Chilean vineyards, next to the Merlot. Now, Chile is the exclusive producer of this type of wine.

Varieties for all tastes

Thanks to climate diversity, advances in research and processes incorporated into the industry, the country have a great variety of high-quality wines. Best of all, they can be purchased at a moderate price, compared to productions from other countries.

During my visit to the different Colchagua vineyards, I met experts in the varieties of wine produced in this area. There is the Carmenere, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Syrah, the Pinot Noir, and whites such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

To become familiar with the flavors of the grape, Syrah is a perfect one to begin. Another thing that is important to know is that Chilean wine is not a wine to keep or collect. Moreover, despite what we are told in movies or fiction, an old wine does not necessarily mean that it is better. In fact most of the time it is more likely that the opposite will happen.

Chilean wines with good luck and in the best conditions can last 15 years at most depending on the strain. A Syrah or a Cabernet, for example, will last for its characteristics more than a Carmenere.

Wine in the Colchagua Valley in Chile

The art of tasting wine

In the Montes Alpha vineyard, I learned to taste properly. The first step is to check "the tear" by making short circular turns with the cup. This process does not determine the quality of the wine we are drinking, but it does determine the amount of alcohol that it contains. The slower it slips, the greater the amount of alcohol. Then, we proceed to detect with the nose the aroma in motion, while walking through the mouth.

Although the process may seem complicated or reserved for tasting experts, the aromas and flavors are rather personal appreciations that depend on memories and past evocations. Many people, for example, detect the taste of lychee (the Chinese fruit) in the Sauvignon Blanc. But if the taster has never tasted such fruit, he could associate the wine with other flavors that he has experienced, such as green apples or asparagus.

In the end, although the wine experience may seem highly specialized and complex to master, it is enough to be encouraged to begin to open up in this fascinating world. And, believe me, Chilean wine is the ideal alternative to do it.

Travel to Los Angeles to see the Oscars

End of the suspense. The dices are thrown. The 2018 Oscars nominations have been announced. This was the last step before the ceremony. As every year, it will bring together the cinematic universe at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. If you are passionate about cinema, you must have an appointment in mind for which you feel a lot of emotion.

To get to Los Angeles, we decided to rent a blue convertible car and go along the coast to shoot it in conditions. We left San Francisco and crossed the road that runs parallel to the Pacific coast. The Big Sur derives from the original Spanish name the big south or the big country of the south, which refers to its location in the south of the Monterey Peninsula.

With stunning views of the American coast and ideal for taking photos if, unlike us, it makes you a good day. We met almost the entire trip with a fog that prevented us from seeing much of the route. The entrance to Los Angeles was a bit chaotic due to traffic. It is one of the most populated cities in the US, sometimes up to six lanes and we were in a caravan. Finally, we arrived at our destination, the hotel.

The hotel has just enough for a stay in Los Angeles. It has breakfast and parking included which is very important in this city. The rooms are comfortable, spacious, the bathroom clean. Noises are heard and the beds are comfortable. Taking into account that the LA everything is far away has a very good location since it is easily reached everywhere. Once installed we went out to look for dinner and returned to the hotel, we were busted from the trip.

We got up early and took the car. We had many things to do. Our first stop was to see well the famous Hollywood sign. I had several coordinates pointed to see it. We arrived fairly quickly to an area where the houses ended and a stretch of land began. There we left the car parked and only had to get off and take the pictures of rigor. As it was so early there was nobody and we could enjoy them quietly.

We set off and the next stop was the area of the rich. Beverly Hills is famous for the large mansions it houses and for being home to the rich and famous as well as great movie and music stars.

We were lucky and parked very close to Rodeo Drive. It is a district where you can see the most expensive boutiques and shops in the world. About the name, there are two positions. One of them maintains that the name "Rodeo". It is due to the fact that before the 1950s the flower center that divides the street was a line of horse carriages.

Another position attributes the name to a derivation of Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas. It is an old Spanish hacienda to which the sector later known as Beverly Hills belonged. But the area was modernized in the 70s. Now there are luxury shops, especially on Rodeo Drive. At the end of the street, we found the hotel where the movies are filmed, where we took some pictures.

The opening time of the park was approaching and as we had the tickets printed from the internet. We set off to visit the Universal Studios. That we are going to tell you about the park, a movie park that is being left small for a large number of people who are going to see it. Planned on two floors, the attractions close together taking advantage of the space.

We returned to the hotel after a long and entertaining day, we arrived busted and very tired. The next morning we got up without hurry, we had breakfast with donuts and pasta from the hotel. Since the hotel was quite close, we went walking towards the Walk of Fame. A sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street on whose floor are placed more than 2,000 5-pointed stars with the names of celebrities to which the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honors for its contribution to the entertainment industry.

Each star consists of a piece of terrace in which is framed a five-pointed star with a pink background and a bronze rim embedded in a square of coal. Inside the pink star is the name of the person honored engraved in bronze, and below is a round emblem, also in bronze, indicating the category by which that person was granted the star.

We crossed the sidewalk and arrived at the famous Kodak Theater. Here each year the Oscar film awards take place. Before the Academy Awards celebration takes place there is the classic walk on the red carpet. Here the famous guests vie for the attention of the crowds. Next, we saw the Grauman Chinese Theater where we were struck by its imposing facade that emulates a Chinese pagoda. Its construction in 1927 was promoted by the actor Sid Grauman.

For it, the most peculiar objects were imported from China, such as bells, pagodas, stone statues and other numerous pieces. But for what really is known worldwide the Chinese Theater of Hollywood is because in front of it we find the sidewalk where many Hollywood stars have been leaving the traces of his hands and feet sunk into the cement. This custom began shortly before the theater was inaugurated. It was Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks who in April 1927 staged the first "Footprints Ceremony". It is how the public act is known during which the artists they make their imprints on the cement.

In the afternoon we moved to the Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica Pier is an entertainment area. Thanks to the fair attractions on the pier itself, we could enjoy a great atmosphere. Next to the small amusement park known as Pacific Park, there are several restaurants located on the same pier, like the one belonging to the Bubba Gump chain known for the movie Forrest Gump. On the beach in Santa Monica there, too. It is a long and lively promenade, known as Third Street Promenade, where we find shops, cafes, cinemas, etc.

There on the pier, there is also the end of the famous Route 66. We did not want to bathe because the water of the Pacific is very cold, even in summer. But we could see the famous lighthouses on the beach.

Top Online Flight Booking Websites in India

Flight culture has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years. With the advent of private flights, growth in infrastructure and coming up of many travel portals in India, the tourism sector has seen a tremendous growth in India. A booking to be done for any travelling has become so easy and cheap with the online portals and the discount coupon websites. Here is a list of few travel booking websites.


Founded in the year 2000, makemytrip was started as an online travel portal for Indians residing in US for US-India travelling facility. In five years, the company set up its operations in India in the year 2005. Over the period it became a total travel solution provider to the Indians. Now, people can book flights at cheap rates and book hotels across India. They can also plan their holidays with the cheap and best packages provided by makemytrip. In a period of 14 years, the company has acquired and merged with a few tours and travel and with a few hotels to increase its reach.


The simple management rule followed by cleartrip is to give the services to its customers in easy and simple steps. One just has to make a search the flight, book and travel. People who love travelling, has to look at the feature that cleartrip provides on its home page of the website; collections. It has a collection of probable best trips one can ask for. For example, it has a travel plan for Japan, which becomes reachable and cheap for a middle class traveler. It save a lot of time of the travelers and plans their holidays in best possible way.


Goibibo is one online travelling portal which is trying to improve customer satisfaction greatly by adding on new services into the list of services. One feature of goibibo is that it also has travel guides. In this tab one can find a numerous list of the places one can visit in India and then for each particular place it gives a detail information regarding the hotels in that place, tourist attractions, weather, map and a few interesting articles written about that place. One can even find a printable version of this guide, which can be hugely beneficial for any traveler. You can also get the offers on goibibo hotels and flight booking using promo code and save money.


Yatra has been applying many businesses and branding methods to become the top travelling solutions providing portal in India. Within a time span of almost six years, the company had an acquisition of travel ticket providing company, to increase its span of control in the online ticket booking. There are a few big shots which has invested hugely into the portal namely reliance venture and TV18 Group. One can book the best holiday package with yatra both nationally and internationally. Right now, it is the second largest travel service provider in India.


Musafir is a travelling service portal which provides a customer who wants to get premium class experience. It has collaboration with over 270 airlines and has flight solutions for over 3000 destinations, nationally and internationally. One can collect his frequent fliers miles with the website and gain discounts in their next booking. A unique service is provided by the Musafir wherein one can have a track of total money spent in travel. It gives a breakage of money spent in travel and also a detailed summary of past all travels done. It is one of the fast growing travel portals which is providing imaging service at genuine rate and also provides discount deal for users.