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All day I was waiting to hold you, to hug you, to rest in your arms and you kept displaying the board ‘Do Not Disturb’ in your room door.

The hot evening, was muggy but perhaps not too much to not be able to receive a minimum of freshness. The streets lit up in yellow, the comings and goings of tired people, closed in on itself, with the desire not to interrupt the spell, aspens shop signs, some urchins in the streets.

You loved me and I could tell looking at you.

I perceived from your smooth face, the warm smile, the hair strands retained by the gel, by kindness, by the slight angular shapes of the face. 

We had consumed a modest dinner at a restaurant near the square. They were now over the words, the games of the parties. I no longer had to act, had to get naked and give you my soul.

We were neighbours and we were in the streets in summer now coming to an end. I watched you, I argued, I had to excuse my life, I should have used a thousand words, but I fixed it with a few words, it was not such a thing ever happened.

I had to analyze myself, I had to find the most appropriate words to tell you, and instead my words were brief, concise, and simple. It was you that put me at ease, which left me the humility of tears that would never have got in other situations, blocked by a wanton pride.

I've heard that while savouring all the bitterness was freed as a vapour, an evil that could take its course through the streets, the bitterness of a soul that has never found an identity. I listened to the music coming out regardless of our suffering and that permeated the remaining space between me and you and the words and tears.

Everything in my room was adequate expression, filling the room which is not letting the vacuum we would capture upon your warmth, the smell embroiled in the plot of a soft sweater, there was the warm enthalpy of a love that was going to bloom, there was no harmony of the universe that conspired to our happiness, the joy of being sad really close after all impatience that left free to move.

Our game started, we had to just roll the dice of life and our ability to dance and dance the night away and move all the boxes possible and not to stop us, with tears, smiles, hysterical laughter phrases in a very low voice so as not to disturb the languid harmony.

And I was fragile because with those few words I had been in front of my nakedness of a man who has now come to a one-way hopeless. The copious tears blurring down all around. Everything was in harmony in that small space, that breath of town for the discreet occasion.