Colours and Shades of Spring

Spring festival is the biggest and the most widely celebrated festivals in China. Countries like Vietnam and Mongolia also celebrate this festival. So unarguably, it is the biggest celebration in Asia. More than 1 billion Asian people celebrate it every year and the celebrations continue for several days. Most customs are same as the other south and east Asian new year festivals.

Before one week of the festival, most people are getting ready for it. This is the winter in China, so it is not common to see people playing outside, but they play indoor games like mahjong. Chinese people don’t have special times to start the new year activities, such as eating and doing transactions first time for the new year. So usually they make a big meal for dinner or lunch and eat with all family members and then start to celebrate the new year with fireworks.

From the second day of the new year, people start to visit their relatives with gifts. But at the present, most people usually give money instead of gifts. The picture you see above is something special. Chinese people offer this food to god and pray for success and good health in the new year. During this prayer, they burn incense and firecrackers.