Book Review: The Hunt For Kohinoor: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

The Hunt for Kohinoor by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is a bloodcurdling 96 hour chase to get back the mystifying Kohinoor in the course of the globes most treacherous landscape where the past rams with bullets tear as of freezing Kashmir to flurry clad Hindukush, as of the menacing strips of an army infirmary to the labyrinths of Peshawar, even as the timer tots up to the looming disaster.

The volume sets in motion with the reconciliation summit held among Indian Prime Minister with Pakistani Army General with an unexpected explosion ensue where the Pakistan General gets slayed which covers up the whole thing with the Kohinoor which is the lone key to set aside this assault on India is gone in Bad hands, and after that starts a wave glide traverse of a kick-ass lady hero Mehrunisa Khosa to look for this Kohinoor.

One daybreak on her way to work, Mehrunisa an Iranian-Indian, a bequest of Persian mother and Punjabi Sikh father, who has an patrician appearance that masquerades a firm and resolute lady with a disturbed history and qualified in Renaissance fine art, objet d'art in addition to focussing on Mughal history, gets a call that will alter her verve everlastingly which she could have by no means figured out in her feral thoughts and has 96 hours to salt away the nation from a lethal terror assault.

All credit to Jag Mishra, who belongs to RAW and has the authority to call shots, she finds wedged in the intricate ensnare as well as being viciously drawn on to promote state significance and is posted to Pakistan on the search for Kohinoor next to with SSP Raghav, who was directing the anti-rebel unit of Uttar Pradesh in The Taj Conspiracy.

The reality in relation to her missing father is at her fingertips, save for it will seize her on the most frantic hunt of her existence that will ditch her in opposition to toughened jihadis lead by the dreaded Babur Khan scheming the fatal terror assault on India, that will ordeal her spirit next to the past's profound coverts, that will edify her that the cost of adore can denote gory hands that will decide the existence of hundreds, possibly thousands as well as the being of her treasured ones.

This outing seize you to highs as well as lows, whirls with entwines and stay you grasp your pant till the conclusion with a bunch of personalities brought in as we set off brazen with the tale with an assortment of weaves and twists, sketches, deception, betrayal, coverts, massacre and a lot further which in fact craft you sense the hoary breeze of the dell in your countenance as Harinder Singh Khosa aka Harry aka The Snow Leopard create his way through the mounts.

While maintaining the speed of the narrative together, the writer pinch in a sub-scheme of tart saccharine adore fairy-tale where the implicit attachment of affection among Mehr and RP Singh aka Pratap is the bits and pieces fine love legends are made of with the unrestricted character of their devotion convey heaps of affection spurting along your mind and you cannot help save for beam at the strange customs of love.

Mehrunissa surpasses herself by being strapping, unwavering as well as extremely easy to connect with her inside tumult as she face up to the spectres of her times of yore that are made so corporeal by the writers language that one can picture themselves in her state of affairs and identify with her. The personality of Babur Khan stands out for its chaste wicked character in addition to carelessness.

Publisher: Westland ♥ Published: 2013 October ♥ ISBN-13: 9789383260607 ♥ Language: English ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 432 ♥