south indian guava sweet chutney recipe

The guava, a native of Mexico, Peru and Brazil is a decidedly ornamental plant and can be consumed in juice form, cut like a melon made into juices and jams. Regarding nutrition, the guava has a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C about 8 times greater than oranges (therefore has a strong antioxidant power and greatly enhances the immune system), provides a good amount of potassium and phosphorus and is good for diabetics, as its juice is said to have the ability to reduce blood sugar.


3 guavas
1 tbsp sugar
2 cups cold water
1-inch ginger
Ice Cubes

Recipe Method

In a large pitcher add water and sugar. Stir till sugar is dissolved.

Pour 2 cups of the sugared water into blender, ginger and the peeled and chopped guavas. Blend well, strain into pitcher.

Serve cold with ice.