Orange Living Room Ideas & Tips

Warm and cozy orange is a great color to paint the walls of a living room both classic and modern. Many of you are asking if it's better to use it for the whole room or only for some of the walls and what color goes best. Below you can find some tips and ideas for painting the walls orange in your living room.

Orange is a color that goes well with both a classic and modern room. Specifically, it is a perfect colour to defuse a modern decor in dark essence, like wenge and oak. The floors which combines the best are the parquet and terracotta. In general, the use of orange for the walls is advisable only if the room is very large or if there are lots of glass and windows.

Ideas of matching colors with the orange:

For the walls it is preferable to choose matching orange light colors to visually shrink the room not to create more movement or highlight a particular one.

Matching orange - white (and all its shades as the color rope, cream and ivory). 

This combination is ideal to give the highest prominence to the color and to highlight a certain wall. To choose from, especially if the load is particularly orange and if you want a warm and colorful environment yes, but also refined. Perfect for a modern living room with dark furniture in wood, such as oak and wenge.

Matching orange - yellow 

To create a color contrast obvious and not "weigh" too stay is preferable to a light shade of yellow and orange only reserve to a wall. Match advisable for those who love young and colorful environments, but a little challenging because it constrains the choice of furniture.

Matching orange - light green 

That is kinda what has been said for matching yellow - orange. In order to better harmonize the colors of the living room you choose furnishings colored green and orange.

Matching orange - gray

The rigor of the gray scale and dampens the vibrancy of orange. For this reason, it is particularly suitable  for a modern and minimalist living room with white furniture.

Our advice is to choose for the walls of a living room with matching color rope, similar to the sofa and curtains complement the decor and  furnishings (carpet, floor lamp, and so on) in shades of orange, of green and brown. For the corridor in theory it is fine also with the same orange used for the stay, especially if large and if the orange is a color that uses a bit in all the rooms of the house. Otherwise, even to create a break with the entrance wall of the living room, it is preferable with a light color, such as the string suggested by us.