Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mounting Curtains Ideas to Fix

Are you looking for an original idea to fix and assemble the curtains? With this post we want to give you some tips and ideas on the best fixing systems for classic and country curtains. The upper edge of the curtains, in fact, can be attached to the stick of support in several ways with eyelets, laces, buttons, hooks, rings and more. The choice depends on several factors with the effect you want get, the type of fabric of the curtains, the room of the house where the curtain will be positioned (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.) and the interior design style (classic, country, modern, ethnic).

These are our tips for choosing the fastening system of curtains that suits your case!

Securing the curtain to stick with rim shot back: rim shot back is among the most widely used fixing systems for classic and country curtain as well as the easiest way to get the curl curtains. To make it just double seam on the top edge of the curtain fabric in order to create the place where to insert the stick. The fabric must be off about two and a half times the length of the stick, depending on the curl, more or less accentuated, which you want to obtain. The solution to fixing the curtain hem countered is suitable for all types of fabric, whatever the color and imagination, and is particularly recommended for those who want to create curtains. And suitable also for all types of windows and for every room of the house (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.).

Our advice:  better a country tends to stick wood or wrought iron curtain classic best a stick of brass or gold finish.

Securing the curtain to stick with laces:  this system is to secure top edge of the curtain rod to the support by means of ribbons tied to the stick itself. The effect is achieved by fixing the curtains with laces and is a middle ground between the draped curtains and panel curtains. This solution is preferable for small windows, such as those of a kitchen or a bathroom. The mounting system allows infinite solutions with laces and aesthetic results depending on pairing and color contrast created between the curtain fabric, edge and laces. For this type of fastening of the curtains are preferable heavy fabrics, such as linen, cotton or hemp and metal sticks.

Our advice: the curtain is perfect for environments with laces in particular, for the kitchen and bathroom or a romantic bedroom. The straps, which may have different height, can be of the same fabric of the curtain by the same or different in color and material. For a more aesthetic result finished it is preferable that the laces are coordinated to the upper edge of the curtain. For an original solution to consider the idea of ​​straps made of twine.

Securing the curtain to stick with slots: this type of fastening of the curtains is carried out by small strips of fabric folded over the stick in such a way as to allow the passage of the stick itself. This solution is suitable, in particular, to support panel curtains or moderately curled. This type of fixation of the curtains is especially suitable for curtains heavy enough fabric, plain or fancy. The slots can be made of the same fabric of the curtain or with cloth or other material: the important thing is that the color of the slots is coordinated to the fabric of the curtains.

Our advice:  the curtains with eyelets are perfect for large windows or patio doors to a living room classic.
For this type of fastening a wooden stick better (if you prefer a more rustic) or wrought iron (if you prefer a more elegant).

Securing the curtain to stick with buttonholes and buttons: this system is a variant of the curtains with decorative mounting slots sun, especially suitable for curtains country. variants are truly infinite being able to choose between many combinations of colors and materials for awnings, buttonhole and buttons.

Our advice: for the children's room choose a curtain  patterned to stick with neutral colors and matching buttons in wood, or, if you prefer a fun effect, a curtain and lit with colorful fancy buttons and slots of different colors. Fixation with buttonholes and buttons is also perfect for mounting curtains in the kitchen to cover shelving and shelving units.

Fixing the curtain to stick with rings incorporated in the curtain:  it is a fixing system extremely simple. The upper edge of the curtain, in fact, provides the rings, holes typically finished with steel, through which is made ​​to run the support stick. This system is particularly suitable for medium-heavy types of tissue , such as flax, hemp and cotton. The fastening system with built-in rings is indicated, in particular, for large windows and patio doors for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Our advice: use this system for choosing a stick stays classic metal or wrought iron or curtains for a window of a country kitchen with a wooden stick.

Fixing the curtain to stick with hooks and rings:  it is a system that is widely used in setting the curtain to the support through the use of hooks or rings attached at regular intervals to the upper edge of the curtain. This system is particularly suitable for flat or pleated draperies light and medium and heavy fabrics.
For an aesthetically refined best fabrics such as silk, satin and taffeta. It is a solution for all rooms of the house (kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom) and windows of all sizes, from small to big ones up to the doors.

Our advice: the perfect wooden stick with big rings for country environments coupled with fancy checkered curtains for the kitchen or the living room or combined with the imagination tends more sober and delicate for a country shabby chic environment.