Maintenance & Restoration of Wood Windows

The windows and wooden shutters such as doors, and window profiles, albeit in a pleasant aesthetic point of view, are prone to wear as they are constantly exposed to sun, rain and temperature changes.
To keep them beautiful for a long time and to avoid damaging the paint it takes a few tricks of small but regular maintenance, such as cleaning and regular monitoring. But if the damage is done you can still intervene and resolve the problem by restoring the window frames and wooden doors and windows without the need to replace them.

To ensure as long as possible lasting of the duration of wooden windows and doors it is necessary, first, to clean them in order to remove the deposit on the surface of smog. The rain mixed with smog, in fact, generates highly corrosive acid solutions, in a short time, they can damage the surface in ways that then we'll see. To prevent this from happening and limit the damage is sufficient to clean the windows and shutters, exterior wood every 6 months with a solution of water and mild detergent such as dish-washing liquid will scratch the surface. Avoid, however, the cleaning with abrasive products such as alcohol or harsh detergents.

Every year, it is also absolutely necessary to perform a thorough inspection and control of the state of health of all the fixtures and wooden windows external to verify whether the following damage and texturing, ie micro cracks and breakages and vertical surface of the paint caused by aging and loss of elasticity of the paint itself. In these instances it is okay to intervene immediately when the damage is still mild in order to operate, with a touch-up, only the damaged area without action on any element of wood.

Moreover, the problem, if neglected, can lead to more damage such as flaking paint, the cracks, indicating the loss of cohesion between support and paint or between the layers of finish, bulges, flaking and lifting paint, ie the detachment of the protective film and the lifting of the film from the media, mainly damage caused by moisture.