Kitchen Cabinets: Modern Ideas & Tips

The built-in kitchens are the most common ones because they allow to re-create the traditional architectural elements such as niches, shelves and cabinets. But not everyone knows that even a modern kitchen can be made ​​of masonry with the advantage of greater strength and durability time. Below is our proposals and our recommendations for a built-in kitchen classic, country or contemporary.

General Tips

To achieve a built-in kitchen it is preferable a space rather wide so as to contain the walls that are inserted between the various bases of the kitchen and that more of other elements, according to their coating, fail to define the style of the kitchen.

It is good to know also that in the market there are built-in kitchens, prefabricated, which, like the kitchens, can be disassembled and moved in ideal for those planning to move house in the future!

Kitchen cabinets and classic country

The built-in kitchens classic and country are built with traditional materials like oak, walnut and chestnut, natural finish or color, often with neutral colors or pastels. The doors, in general, are working with frames in relief, while the walls are covered with raw materials such as rocks and stones or with decorated tiles.

Modern kitchen cabinets

Most often made ​​with finishes and materials of its' contemporary furnishings, such as lacquer, gloss or matt, bleached oak and wenge, the masonry and modern kitchens are characterized by a basic shape, clean and rigorous of the doors, the surfaces (marble and laminate) and the walls are tiled monochrome or containing repetitive geometric patterns. Lovers of minimal, better walls are totally devoid of coating and simply painted with resin and enamel.