Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom

The rose, in all its shades, is a perfect color to decorate or whiten a bathroom, both classic and modern.
A color from the many variations that can satisfy all tastes and feel good in any home, not only suitable for painting or decorate the walls but also as an accessory and furniture complement a bathroom, as you will see in this post.

In fact, depending on the shade of pink, you can get different atmospheres:  sweet and reassuring  with the pale pink,  intimate and feminine with a lilac, mauve and violet,  young and  bold  with fuchsia and purple.

The bathroom, in general, is the room in your home where you can indulge more in the choice of color and finishes for walls that are varnishes, resins, paints or simple tiles.

Enough already the simple painting of fuchsia, without the need for special decorations, to achieve a young and modern bathroom or to rejuvenate and give a new look to a classic bathroom.

The best matches with fuchsia walls are white or very light gray (for sanitary and bathroom fittings) but also, for a more eventful, with the light pink or pastel.

Those who prefer wall cladding solutions or suggestions can focus on mosaics or tiles allow you to create infinite shapes and geometries. For a bathroom elegant and cozy, perfect lilac and violet, in combination with each other or with white.

All those who enjoy that pink can create an alternative to the walls can bet on furnishings and accessories (curtains, rugs, towels, frames): lilac or pink for a classic bathroom, purple for a modern bathroom.

In that case, a very successful pairing with the walls is gray and light shade if the bathroom fittings are purple, fuchsia or violet, dark-toned if accessories are lilac, light pink or pastel.