Decorate the Walls with Stencils

The stencil is a decorative technique, economical and fast, used to customize and embellish any type of surface, including the walls of the house, whatever the style of furniture: the important thing is to choose the template with the right subject to the endless designs are on the market. Realize it is not necessary to turn to professionals. Stencil, in fact, is a simple technique widely used in DIY. It takes craftsmanship, taste and imagination to create unique and original homes.

The stencil gold color stands out best with strong colors such as forest green, brown, red, black, purple and gray. Typically, these colors are used to paint one wall of the room (eg the one where rests the head of the bed), and not to "load" over the environment is to create movement and depth.

1) Among the colors above the one best suited for your bedroom is not too dark gray shades (also goes well to the floor), to be used, as mentioned, only one wall, leaving the other white.

2) Another solution is elegant and refined, to paint the walls with stencils gold is pure white. The gold, in fact, stands out on white with discretion, creating a very chic and cozy. Also, because white is a neutral color, this solution allows to harmonize the colors of the walls throughout your home, with a greater balance of the whole.

3) Finally, I propose a very pale creamy yellow. This color, in fact, it goes well it is furnishing the rest of the walls of your home. In this case, however, the stencil gold will stand out very little, with an almost tone-in tone