Book Review: The Seventh Cup: Nitesh Kumar Jain

The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain is an obscure book that gyrates in the region of the general edict of desirability with the volume not just proffer a fine interpret save for as well induce the booklovers to sneak a look subterranean into their individual identity along with the cosmos, to rummage around their existences retorts.

A bloke from the lively shores of Goa nibble precisely seven cups of coffee daily in the same café in the tranquil milieu of Switzerland and trust in Mind Transportation with a learner of history in Switzerland go missing and Two not long conjugal Swiss detective agents turn up and scurry into a young woman who assertively pick up their bag asserting to be her own with, the mystery of Verona Schmidt perplex one and all and so do the truth that, she did not go missing at all.

The narrative gyrates in the order of a sociopath character, Avinash, a theatre scholar from Goa with the tale twirl into cavernous dim alcoves as Verona Schmidt, a gullible Swiss swap scholar, upstaged everybody in the seminary hysterics society and to turn out to be abut as well as heart in Avinash’s weird structure of wits developing into the cogitate of his verve for whom, she is the alluring elf in cerulean robe with emerald ogles who requires to be his, to aver her as his own is a passion.

Over auburn at the neighbourhood coffee shop, Avinash sets up Verona an exchange student to the notion of mind transportation, seizing her into a bottomless globe chock-a-block of bolts from the blue which she makes out as nothing further than a cool diversion she is having fun with a youthful chap who appears to be flirting with and co-stars with him in his play set on by the Dramatics society of their institution.

Notwithstanding her aver to boasting a purported boyfriend named Kevin, she in due course consent to herself to take pleasure in Champaign along with a kiss with Avinash, while firing the passionate instant as a inebriated slip-up, Verona fly back to Switzerland with the infatuated Avinash in searing search athwart the world.

Alongside the surroundings of stunning Zurich, Avinash frequents his preferred Saturday evening spot, the Restaurant Schiff, attempting to provide the concluding strokes to his account with his invariable escorts, a workstation, a pad, a firmly wrapped up biro, along with, purportedly, Verona.

Over precisely seven cups of coffee for each stopover, Avinash zealously endeavours to complete the final episode of a play libretto entitled ‘In Search of Truth’, a metaphor whose vital moral fibres Man, Science, and Religion present a soggy insight into the wits of Avinash instil an analogous idea in the yarn contest the hoary subjects of their individual consign in the creation and their connection to one another.

A different fraction of the fairy-tale orbit in the region of a husband-wife set of criminal detectives, Thomas and Sussane who are  handed over to probe a range of lost person cases, with the largely out of the ordinary one being Avinash’s ultimate statement of the vanishing of Verona.

As Sussane seize up the case of the lost young woman, she approaches to discern Avinash and those close to Verona, and discovers herself develop personally absorbed not just in the inexplicable conjecture of mind transportation save for as well in the inkling she recognizes in Avinash’s unfinished script and plough profound and comes across that there is further to the fad than what meets the ogle.

At the same time as the detectives budge en route for the case resolution, the writer out of the blue, tactically, take away the booklovers as of the urbane being of coffee shops and campus locales to a globe of gothic remorse with grisly murk to go down the twisting flight of stairs into an eerie vault, where loll all the veiled furtives.

A finely crafted mystery work of fiction to formulate the booklover compassionate to the sociopath central character, in an extremely delicately encrusted suspenseful book with attention-grabbing as well as candid scandalous weaves and spins sprinkled with astonishing theories of noetic discipline, insisting on the booklover to query as well as deliberate on what is bona fide and what is not.

For an unveiling book, the writer has beyond doubt wickered an anecdote laudable of being a modern thriller with a multi coated spar where as you remove one sheet, you arrive athwart a touch fresh, and as you set off yawning the hues just turn into shadowy and further stimulating.

The inscrutability disentangles as a cerebral confront in which corporeal hints such as trails and explanations are of no use with the finest fraction regarding the tome is without doubt the culmination, that blusters your psyche.

Interlinking of the creation with individual wits, the corporal insight of the rule of space, and the recounting of ephemeral globes gen swirling in the universe, entices the booklover to consider that the whole thing in the cosmos comes to pass because of a raison d'ĂȘtre where by this naive chronicle, the writer has made the booklovers recognize the truth that when an individual wishes something, the whole world works together to facilitate that being realise his dream.

Format: Paperback ♥ ISBN 13: 9788182534483 ♥ Publisher: ♥ Published: 2013