Saturday, December 7, 2013

live streams, apps and election

How would you rate what the politicians do and say without the influence of the biased media or any other political affiliation? And today, that almost all the parties are in deep crisis, we have to stay really informed to make a decisive choice?

There's an app for everything. And today policies should be transformed by the digital evolution and the best time to start is the upcoming Indian General Elections in 2014.

Today almost two-thirds of the people in India between 18 to 29 owns a smartphone, and its use among adults is rapidly growing every year.  And so, we should renew the digital strategies using our phones to its maximum potential.

And at the centre of this 'mobile politics', I would create an app that allows Indian candidates to interact with their constituents. It is estimated that more than 725 million voters in the India will have the right to vote, which is why it is essential for their decisions through their smart phones and to keep the voters informed.

The app will also provide information on candidates and events, as well as ways to share content and tickets to watch the speeches of the candidates along with a digital console, where you can find a few options for getting involved in the campaign.

The tool will integrate existing social networks and localized information and events by geographic area and provide information to voters regarding the policies of the candidates, news, events, social activities, volunteer opportunities, and information on how to register to vote.

The objective of this app will be to be able to help make the candidates most basic and accessible as far as possible for the voters and supporters who will be at the heart and soul of this election.

The app will allow users to express their opinion on the statements made by politicians and help citizens navigate the increasingly confusing political landscape, elaborating the opinions of the users.

The application will be naturally structured so you can easily share any news information, events, and take concrete actions to register as voters. So, whether it's an ad of a donation via SMS, the mobile phone app will play an important role in the next year's elections.

These efforts to reach technologically advanced younger voters will be useful, and necessary which will help the undecided to choose who to vote for in the upcoming election.