How To Clean Silver Cutlery

Dealing with silver cutlery in the most appropriate way is vital to keep them shiny and bright over time and if neglected, in fact, the silver takes on an old and grey look, not very pleasant to look at. As an alternative to specific commercial methods to clean it, there exists some, effective and harmless household methods to clean it. Here's what the advice of the grandmother to clean and treat the silver cutlery.

It should be stated first of all that the cutlery should not be commercially treated, silver treatment that prevents oxide formation for some years and giving great silver sheen avoids proceeding to continuous and repeated cleaning, since, being essentially of a paint contains chemicals harmful to health.

Also to be avoided is washing in a dishwasher, especially the knives whose handles, in most cases not being of a solid silver, are filled with sand, lead or putty that can expand with the heat causing rupture of the handle itself. The best thing is to clean silver cutlery by hand, paying attention to the choice of cleaning product.

To remove stains avoid abrasive products that are harmful, rather than the specific products used for cleaning silver cutlery that are on the market.

Alternatively, a home do-it-yourself method, according to the old grandmother's advice, is to rub the stain with vinegar or lemon juice, after which you wash their utensils with soap and water and then rinse it all very carefully.

After use, always remember to put the silverware in their cases or cloth seat covers, so that it will not oxidize.