Gift Ideas for children & Babies birthday

The birth of a child is always a big party for mom, dad, family and friends. However what do you give, after, the arrival of the baby? How to choose a gift that is really useful? What a dilemma!

Here are my gifts which I want to gift my child for a secure future.

1. Cutting down frivolous expenses

We know very well that the real savings are not those on festivals, but on those which we are able or are unable to do during the year. Cutting our living expenses is a challenge, and everyone knows how difficult it is. Our life has long transformed into a triumph of consumerism but it is the moment we stop, look around, and make choices. It is time, not to throw away money needlessly, but think, towards the future.

2. Invest wisely for the child

Investing in our children means looking at the next generation with care and investing in their health means to commit to a healthier future, where any disease should not be an obstacle in dealing with life. Take out an insurance cover that protects not just ourselves, but our children and their future which is the best gift that we can do for them. When they have finished studying they can start with sufficient funds and a greater confidence in their adult lives.

3. Use eco-friendly modes of transport

The pollution of the big cities seriously undermines the health of our children. The cars contribute most to pollution, where I want to gift my child a lesser polluted earth by using public transport regularly and using bicycles and other eco-friendly modes of transport as much as possible.

In the winter months in fact, pollution reach higher levels than in other periods of the year. The humidity is typical of this season and the lack of air currents favours the stagnation of the components of smog. At the expense of pollution are the lungs, especially those of children being more sensitive to the action of irritant toxins contained in smog.

4. Cutting down on wastes

Waste management is another gift I want to gift my child. The difficulties in obtaining raw materials are increasing with high costs involved and it is important to optimally use our resources where through proper waste management in addition to achieving a significant saving, we can also create new jobs, thus increasing the employment opportunities too.

Organic waste can be reused to produce fertilizers and natural fertilizers to grow flowers and plants. Approximately 95 percent of the electronic components of our old gadgets are precious materials that can be reused for the production of a new device. The recycling of electronic equipments that have completed their cycle of use would result in a significant reduction in the cost of new products as also saving our sources for the future.

We should not throw anything on the streets, especially non-biodegradable materials, which take decades and even centuries to decompose, while producing substances harmful to the health of humans, animals and nature. Do not forget we are the best example for our children, in their eyes we are perfect, therefore, commit ourselves to the maximum to give the right example.

5. Caring about the nature

The future of the Earth depends primarily on our actions. The most important gift is what we do to ourselves, to our children and grandchildren and all those who come after us is to stop the destruction of forests, stem the deterioration of the climate caused by our irresponsible actions and save the endangered species, but above all we can give to our children and grandchildren a planet less polluted, more just, more peaceful and more at peace with nature.

Among the advantages, as well as the considerable economical saving and reduction of pollution, it includes the ability to produce new jobs as part of the green economy, a sector which is developing in many countries. We should teach our children the rules of the environment to help ensure a better future for humanity.

And remember, it is a gift of the time you spend playing with your children and so dear parents and Future parents, I believe that the only certain answer is LOVE. LOVE and LOVE again! Our little ones are the future that keeps the world and their smile so wonderfully beautiful and innocent is a great card!