Friday, December 27, 2013

Friends Forever - Christmas Is Around

Making peace with a former close friend turned enemy who knows more about your secrets than you is an idea neither good nor bad. It depends on the reasons for which you want to be friends again for, if they are those who count for your happiness and are your motivations or is just your choice.

"Let us be friends again", all of us have said or we have heard this phrase at least once in our lifetime. These words can be uttered from the bottom of the heart or just artificially to suit a specific purpose.

This is an easy choice to make if both are interested in going on again together, and they give the same meaning to the word friendship and both agree on the end of the story without rancour and recrimination.

In fact, often, when a story ends or does not proceed as you would like, there may be at stake thrills and be painful where you can feel sorrow, regret, nostalgia, or the belief that they have been or refused or have a feeling of failure, anger, resentment, guilt.

If both friends are able to forget, to forgive and to establish camaraderie on a new basis, while preserving the positive emotions of the past, the friendship can be full and rewarding.

If not, better to wait and keep at a distance, without compromising the position and not make hasty decisions.

This is because it is best that you invest your energies on your well-being and personal search for the right friend for you, rather than in the production and management of emotions not related to past events.

So when you do or do you feel the proposal: "let's be friends again" ask yourself: What drives me to be his friend? The desire to build a sincere and healthy friendship or to not let go and maintain a link at all costs.

The reflections and motivation are all yours. Decide with complete freedom and a clear heart!