DIY Ways to Repair Scratches on Wood


Wood surfaces, whether it be furniture that floor (parquet), are prone to scratches and signs of aging and wear. If the damage is not particularly serious, before you get rid of the old wooden cabinet, you can try to disguise and hide the scratches with these quick and easy DIY remedies.

1) For the scratches on any wood surface: 

Get yourself a walnut kernel, wipe it gently across the surface of wood scratched. Be careful not to act on the wood surrounding the scratch because it might darken.

2) For the scratches on wax finishes : 

Rub the wood surface in the direction of the fibers with a cotton ball soaked in linseed oil. Let it penetrate and then dry with a clean cloth.

3) For the scratches on mahogany and cherry dark: 

Rub the scratch with cotton soaked in iodine.

4) For the scratches on furniture in untreated maple or light cherry: 

Dilute in equal parts iodine and rubbing alcohol and rub the scratch with a cotton swab.